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Wait, I could have sworn there was a page here just a week or so ago.
Pretty sure I saw it myself in the Recent Changes, though I never bothered to read it.
Strange, I'll check with Aron on it.

Said he didn't remember any specifics, weird. Might have just been a coldpost that was deleted.
Still, better safe than sorry in this hell. I'll just check the page history to be completely sure.

I was right, there's some past versions in the database. I'll try and load one up…

> load entity-118

Loading page entity-118.md…
Two versions found. Current version is 'Version 2'. Would you like to view this document?

> view 1

Oh god.
This… needs to be released. No information should be deleted like this, assuming it's serious. Maybe I could rewrite it? Wish the author included a little more information.


Growing in an alleyway.

Holy shit, it's real. I saw a patch in Level 230, back in an alleyway. Just as the deleted article described. Twisting purple-grey roots covered in autumn leaves, similar in shape to those of maple trees but much larger. The ground was also covered in them, piled around loosely, fluttering around in the wind. Whole thing almost looked like a bizarre Halloween decoration; close to a stereotypical "haunted tree" or something, just different somehow, in a way I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps it's more overgrown than normal trees?

Tried showing it to another person, said there was a possible entity a few blocks away that I needed them to check out. When I got back to the alleyway with them, the whole thing was gone save for a few decaying leaves. Kind of lucky I barely knew them and didn't explain it too well, they were pretty pissed. What the hell is this stuff?

Report wasn't kidding when it said it was growing everywhere—I've seen it in all sorts of different places. This stuff spreads fast, but I still haven't heard anyone else say a thing about it, hell if I know why.

Damn it, I'm gonna try to exterminate this shit. Bringing some cheap Firesalt and a knife if that doesn't work, along with thick, protective clothing.

Do not try to get rid of this shit, or you will die.

The leaves burned up quickly from the Firesalt, but not only was the root entirely intact, it regrew the leaves in less than a minute. Hacking at it with the knife was the stupidest decision I have ever made in my now-ending life. It released something like a mix of must, ghoulish-looking crumbled leaves, and what I think were spores, got in between the gaps in my clothing. Now it's just like the page described: my skin is drying out and flaking, and oh Christ does it hurt internally, feels like my guts are withering. Typing this—even getting the energy and willpower to type it—is excruciating. I've been like this for days—even tried stabbing myself to end it. It didn't work, even though I'm pretty sure I heard organs crunching. Do organs crunch?

I'm getting away from everyone—do not try to find me, or you will die. However, I'm still not sure how other people have missed this. It's all over the place now, surrounding me everywhere I go.

I think I get it now.

No one will ever see this—my last connection to other people as I slowly die here in agony. I'm fading away into the shadows, just as so many do in this place. At least my action now will help others. That's the only solace I can get from this mess. Some things are best left unknown.

Time to save some sod's life with my last act. At least it's gonna be a fucking good one.

> delete page

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> y

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