Entity 114
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Entity Number: 114

Habitat: Entity 114, or as it likes to call itself, Lotka, lives in Level 240, under the main lake.

Note: This knowledge has come from Wanderers who used to live in Level 240. There will be many quotes throughout the article, but as this information comes from children or from childhood memories, there is a chance that it is highly exaggerated or informal in nature (see: "really fucking tall"), and we at the M.E.G apologize deeply for this.


Entity 114 looks like a black pole that splits off into two similarly pole-like legs. It is very thin, except for its large head. It has two eyes that are stark white and take up most of its "face". There are no other facial features that can be seen. It is described as being "softer than a teddy bear" and "really fucking tall when it fully stands up, like, dude".
It holds absolute power over the landscape and ecosystem of Level 240, creating fruit trees and weather patterns for the children. "One time, it even got us a cow, and some of the older kids hunted and cooked it. We ate steak for like, a week later." A teenage ex-inhabitant said, regarding Entity 114 and it's powers. It does not appear to have been anywhere else, but speaks as if it has been to many places. "It even had some stories from my hometown, which no one had even heard of, but when I asked it if it had gone there, it said that it had never left the lake. Weird, right?"


A drawing of Entity 114 and it's height compared to a tree, a cloud and the estimated height of the creature in general.


Entity 114 is described by ex-inhabitants of Level 240 as "gentle", "really nice but also kinda scary", and "like a nice old lady". It lets any child in, and treats every child kindly no matter what. It will give advice and let anyone leave at any time. It has only gotten angry once, but no past inhabitant of Level 240 that was there at the time of the incident was willing to discuss what transpired.


Entity 114, as stated before, is a lanky semi-humanoid with black skin and large white eyes. It is intelligent, and speaks in a multitude of languages, all in a voice that sounds like "a low hum, but also a growl? But it's nice, like a grandpa with a scratchy voice".


A drawing of Entity 114 sitting under the lake, where it usually resides.


Entity 114 is assumed to be discovered by Camille Northcot, the first inhabitant of Level 240, but other children may have found Level 240 before Northcot and left.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • "It loves having people to listen to it's stories! My favorite is the one where it talks about the princess in the caste, although Camille told me it's a fairytale and not Lotka's own story…".
  • "It was the least we could do, being polite, it was providing us with all of this stuff, and it seemed to be happy whenever we said 'thank you' or something like that."
  • "One day, we decided to celebrate it's quote-unquote 'birthday' by holding it a party and making it flower crowns…I think that was the happiest I've seen it."
  • As assumed by the quotes above, Entity 114 likes to be praised and appreciated.


  • It seems friendly enough, so there seems to be no dangers. That said, be extremely cautious. There is still much not known about Entity 114
  • It also seems to be protective of the children residing in Level 240, so do not hurt them. What will happen, none can say, but it is assumed to not be good.

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