Creature 112 - "Wraiths"
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Out of all ways to transcend death, to become a Wraith is without doubt the least desirable. It is a destiny reserved only for the most sinful, those whose souls long surrendered any form of absolution. As lawful watchers, we don't fear this destiny, for we will never succumb to it, but if we seek to restore the balance of the Labyrinth, then we must grant rest to every single Wraith we arise.

— Highmarshal Fausto, Leader of the Justice Seekers



Captured image of a recently formed Wraith.

Wraiths is the designation given to souls found in a state of perpetual unrest and cyclical revival. They are the remnants of beings whose access to an afterlife was restricted due to a highly sinful mortal existence. The guilt they carry from their past life and the rage exacerbated by the prospect of their current form does not allow them to dissipate, and so they return as vengeful spirits.

Given the precepts of our organization, Wraiths are often created by our own hand as we strike down the most vicious criminals. These Wraiths cannot be permanently banished from this realm, relegating them to eternal damnation. To prevent the creatures from ravaging the Labyrinth, the bodies of sinners whose sin exceeds the designated threshold of profanity must be transported to The Profane Burial Site within The Monastery for appropriate sepulture. In there, many rituals and procedures exist to ensure the weaker Wraiths lie within their tombs indefinitely. However, most will eventually resurface, which means they will need to be forcefully put to unrest in their graves for another cycle.

As incorporeal beings, Wraiths don’t possess a proper physical aspect. Instead, they manifest a spiritual form that is anchored to our plane of existence by the weight of their sins, allowing them to interact with the living world.

Wraiths initially appear as an unstable, spectral copy of their former physical form. Weaker Wraiths, and those rising for the first time, may have trouble maintaining a solid shape, appearing as a gaseous figure slightly reminiscent of their previous appearance. As they persist in this way of being, however, their physical presence will solidify, but will also potentially undergo significant alterations. The longer they exist in the living world without a body, the more wretched and malformed they become.

A Wraith's continued existence in the improper realm causes them to lose their essence of self, generating rifts and cracks in their souls. Stripped of any remnants from their mortal life but their sins, they slowly become more influenced by them. Their spiritual structure is then forced to accept the malice within them as the only substance left to fill these gaps, with immediate, perceivable effects. The manifestation of the Wraith ultimately becomes predominantly comprised of its sins rather than its discarded flesh. This will happen naturally over time, but can be accelerated if the Wraith goes through multiple revival cycles.

Though it is not universal, the majority of Wraiths lose their intelligence and are relegated to a bestial existence when they first arise. Most notably, there is one renowned instance of a Wraith that retained all its faculties and managed to escape the confines of The Profane Burial Site. The Royal Remnant, otherwise known as The King, was one of the first foes to be beaten by the conjoined forces of our patron and the first Eyes of Argos. His remains were taken to The Profane Burial Site while it was still under construction because of the fear that his vast power would grant him a quick transformation into a Wraith. Exploiting this circumstance and the lack of preparation among the initial wardens of The Monastery, The Royal Remnant ordered his forces to attack it, which facilitated his escape.


All Wraiths seek one unique purpose, to consume the energy of the living in a vain attempt to regain their past form. The approach they take to achieve this depends entirely on their mental capacity. Some might guide themselves by pure instinct, while others are perfectly capable of carefully planning their prey's demise. The intelligence level of Wraiths varies widely, and is dependent on the strength of the creature's initial spiritual imprint at death. Factors that can affect this corporeal integrity include: the amount of accumulated sin that they carried at death, their fortitude of mind and body while alive, and the damage suffered by their soul when they perished.


An account of the known, unrestrained Wraith activity.


A highly sinful threat has been detected within Ground 1, and its exact position has been confirmed via our patron's True Vision. All Watchers in the area are instructed to report and reduce the creature immediately, as well as to facilitate its transport to The Profane Burial Site.

Extreme caution must be taken during the operation, as the surveillance system over the General Public Database has intercepted a message indicating that the general population of the Labyrinth is aware of the creature's existence.



Multiple reports have confirmed the presence of an unidentified and highly violent entity prowling the corridors of Level 1. Witnesses describe the being as a humanoid figure of about six feet tall, with a constant stream of blood covering its entire body. The only feature that could be discerned from the blood that masks the entity were the dozens of metallic protuberances sticking out of its body. According to reports, the entity used these protrusions, which were said to mainly consist of knives, razors, and chains, to attack anyone in its path.

Until the entity abandons the level, we urge everyone to evacuate the area, and, if not possible, to take refuge in the nearest outpost.

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