Entity 111 - "The Housekeeper"
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She gets the work done.

Entity number: 111

Habitat: The Hotel.

A man is currently running for his life. He runs because he knows there is something chasing him. Someone running after him.

The hilariously tragic part of it all is that he believed that maybe, for a little while, that this place would have been a nice break from all the horror. He believed that this place could've even been a nice 'mini vacation', almost. But of course things never turn out as they should here.

But for a moment, he thinks he's finally found an exit. At the very least… he's found a temporary period of peace. He takes a deep breath, and takes a moment to even wipe the sweat off of his face. Maybe things aren't as bad as he expected them to be… maybe he's even going to survive.

That is, of course, until—

[ENTITY 111 appears to enter floor 13.]

Entity 111: Hello, housekeeping!

He starts to scream. He screams until there's nothing left to be had, so terrified and rendered hopeless because he finally thought he'd escaped from a place that seemed so endless. He feels almost paralyzed as his screams steal the last of the breath in his lungs. Any idea of hope he had left crumbled to dust.

However, the creature does not seem inclined to care. She continues doing her work, just as she should, just as she always has.

Entity 111: Could you quiet down, now? You're just making this more difficult for everyone.

[UNNAMED WANDERER continues to yell while ENTITY 111 does some light feather dusting.]

Entity 111: Eugh.

The creature keeps on doing what she does. She's not hurting anyone, not yet, of course. She's just doing her job.

But oftentimes, fear overtakes rationality. The man is still very much frightened, so he stays still. Stays still right where he is in fear that if he moves, he'll regret it very quickly.

But the creature notices this, and so she gets closer.

And closer.

And the man still cannot get himself to move.

And then, just as she had requested, the screaming stops. She cleans up the mess made, and gets the work done as always.

Another one for the records, I suppose.

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