Entity 108
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The Birds mid-flight. (The photographer apologizes for the poor image quality)

Entity Number: 108

Habitat - Majority


The Birds are a murmuration of small, bird-like entities that hunt in groups.


The Birds migrate frequently, never remaining in one Level. These entities blend into their environment by mimicking the appearance of objects as a hunting technique to avoid being spotted by their prey.

The Birds remain hidden and do not react until they're approached. When an individual gets within fifteen feet of them, they will begin to make a shrill noise that, when heard, will induce a hypnotic-like state, in which an individual cannot move their body on their own and will involuntarily approach where The Birds are hidden. The hypnotic-like state has been reported to induce auditory hallucinations (see Interview Logs 12/05/2020 - 2).

When an individual is lured into the colony, The Birds will start to latch onto the body and proceed to eat away at the skin, only stopping when it reaches the bone. The best course of action when put into the aforementioned hypnotic-like state by this entity is to shine any available light onto The Birds as it has been observed to temporarily blind the entity.


The Birds are 5-7 inches in length and resemble crudely drawn birds that are bright blue in appearance. Further observation shows that light passes through the bodies of The Birds. With how light affects The Birds it is possible that the entities' sensory parts form most of their bodies .The Birds can also feed on skin despite the lack of a visible mouth.


The first photographed evidence of The Birds was taken by Elijah Makaraig and Narda Makaraig in November of 2020, after an encounter with the entity.

Interview Logs 12/05/2020 (1&2)

The following are two interviews between a M.E.G officer (who has asked to remain anonymous), and the Makaraig siblings.

Begin Log-1: 18:40
Interviewer: M.E.G. officer
Interviewee: Narda Makaraig

M.E.G. officer: Please state your name for the interview.

N. Makaraig: My name is Narda Makaraig! Did you see the picture I took?

M.E.G. officer: Yes. Thanks to you and your brother, other people will be safer now.

N. Makaraig: Is he ok right now? He looked pretty hurt when I found him. He had this really gross wound on his arm.

M.E.G. officer: Your brother is hurt, but he's being taken care of. If you don't mind can you answer a few questions?

M.E.G. officer: Can you describe your encounter with the entity?

N. Makaraig: The birds? Well all I remember is that Elijah suddenly disappeared and I heard this.. weird sound?

M.E.G. officer: Oh? Um- can you describe the sound for me?

N. Makaraig: It was- hm… It sounded pretty high, but, like quiet? Imagine screaming under your breath.

M.E.G. officer: Ah- I see then. So you actually heard the birds? Did you start walking on your own?

N.Makaraig: No? Not really. It was super loud though. I kinda thought that maybe it would start to get other creepy, weird things to start attacking us.

M.E.G. officer: You didn't? That's probably from the distance… Well uh- what about when you got closer, did you start moving on your own then?

N. Makaraig: Nope. They were still making the sound but it looked like Elijah was the one super freaked out about it. I saw him waving the flare around and thought that maybe it scared the birds away, that's why I got a blurry pic of them.

M.E.G. officer: I see. Well thank you for your time Narda. I'll go talk to your brother next when he wakes up.

N. Makaraig: Oh yeah here's a drawing I made of what happened. Pictures are needed in these things right? So yeah!

[Narda then hands the Interviewer a drawing depicting what she had witnessed]


NOTE: It would seem like the noise the birds make don't really affect anyone outside that 15 meter radius. It's also possible that the birds can only focus on one target at a time, it would explain why they need to isolate their prey. Further research on encounters with the birds should be done to see if this is a consistent thing.

End Log: 19: 05

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid going into Levels without a flashlight or any similar light source
  • Blind them with light if attacked.


  • Try to approach any area where a shrill noise can be heard
  • Let them keep feeding once they latch on

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