Entity 105 - "Shades"
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Entity Number: 105

Habitat(s): - Level 34, Level 41, Level 55, and maybe some other levels with shadowy corners


A sketch of a shade. Keep in mind that this drawing may not be entirely accurate, as shades tend to stay in places where details are obscured.


Shades are large, catlike entities with abnormally long legs. The exact appearance of a shade is often hard to discern, because they prefer to stay in the shadows, and looking at it for too long starts to make you go insane.


Shades aren't exactly hostile, per se. All they do is stare at you from the shadows without attacking. However, the sight of a shade will cause an extreme and irrational fear. Almond water cannot help. A shade's fear can only be counteracted by getting as far away as possible. After running away, the fear stops, but encountering another shade less than three days later will cause an extreme relapse, usually causing immediate insanity. However, you can use a mirror to look at one, so you are advised to bring one to any levels known to have shades in them.


The shade is a large, feline entity that randomly appear in dark corners, doorways, or anywhere with a noticeable lack of light. Those who encounter it say that its eyes glow, but they might just be extremely reflective, like those of a domestic cat.


The only reports of shades have all come in at about the same time, as if it only recently came into existence.
On ██/██/████, about five MEG members, all who came from different parts of different levels, ran into The Hub screaming their heads off. Because of this, nobody knows exactly who discovered it first.

Do's and Don't's:


  • Run away as fast as you can.
  • After coming into contact, stay away from levels with shades for at least three days to avoid a relapse.


  • Attempt to overcome your fear.
  • Stay near it for too long, and letting your fear slowly build into something worse.

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