Entity 103 - "The Keymaster"
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Entity Number: #103

Habitat(s): - Majority


The Keymaster is an enigmatic paranormal being, the origins of which not even "he" - for lack of a better term - knows.
Superficially, The Keymaster appears like a normal human, and from a distance may even be mistaken for a wanderer at first (depending on the level he is in).
He wears an aged Victorian-era black leather trench coat with tattered edges that obscures everything up to his neck. The collar is raised and buttoned together, concealing the bottom half of his face. What little of his skin that is visible is pale, and his eye color is seafoam-green. He has long, unkempt dirty-blonde hair with a wiry composition. A trademark of his appearance is that he sports a large ring of traditional metal keys, similar to what a human custodian from The Frontrooms would possess, attached to his hip. The keys on the ring do not serve any practical use for unlocking levels, however.

It is at this point where all the "normal" details about his description stop. A black mist-like aura trails behind The Keymaster at his feet, following him wherever he travels. The mist lingers some inches above the ground for a brief time after he treads it, before dissipating.
It may be possible that he is slightly levitating above the ground, but the length of the coat concealing his feet limits the possibility of a full analysis or confirmation of this.


The Keymaster is often observed in a weary or confused state, acting as if he is lost. In general, he displays antisocial tendencies during any given interaction, likely afraid of certain possible outcomes.

Towards wanderers, his demeanor is neutral. If a wanderer is navigating a level he happens to be frequenting, he will not display any hostility and will even leave wanderers alone if not approached. If a wanderer enlists his help and requests him to generate a key, he will be willing to do so, though he gives vehement warnings that he is not liable for any "unwanted outcomes". Furthermore, as per The Keymaster's personal code, a wanderer may only receive one generated key ever. There are not any "do-overs" if (or more likely when) the wrong key is generated. If a wanderer displays hostility towards him and attempts to engage combat, he will defend himself without holding back. Learning anything definitive about The Keymaster through directly asking him has proven difficult, as he is uncomfortable with answering personal questions and seems to prefer obscurity.

Towards other entities, The Keymaster's demeanor is, again, neutral. Although the nature of any entity can greatly vary, The Keymaster knows well enough how to navigate possible interactions with them without provoking aggression. Certain entities have even displayed a level of fear and intimidation towards him, despite him not possessing any mal-intent. Likely, it is not fear of The Keymaster himself, but rather the possible events his presence is capable of heralding.


Despite his humanoid appearance, The Keymaster is likely anything but. He cannot be destroyed by any conventional means, of any magnitude, that would kill a mortal human. He has the ability to phase through matter (or what some may refer to as “no-clipping”) as well as teleportation within a 100-foot parameter, to a seemingly masterful extent.

Despite seemingly "dying" in front of multiple witnesses on several occasions, he always re-emerges elsewhere in a different level. Furthermore, despite existing as a singular being, The Keymaster has been recorded in multiple levels simultaneously. One possible explanation brought forth is that temporal distortion could be to blame, and that these multiple levels are places that The Keymaster has, is, or will be over the course of time. This theory could also account for inconsistencies in various recorded interactions.

The Keymaster's most notable ability, the one which warrants the existence of this file, is part of his namesake. He has access to every single Level Key. However, this ability is handicapped, preventing him from being classified as an Entity 1 candidate. Although he has access to every key, using them properly is a different matter. The Keymaster obtains a key by "generating" it. It is unknown whether he summons it from a location*, or if they are created by him in that moment. Some believe that highly advanced nanotechnology and molecular manipulation technology may play a role.

Whatever the case, The Keymaster has no actual control over which key he gets. They are randomly generated, meaning that out of all possible levels, the given key could be for any one of them, independent of The Keymaster's needs or desires at that time. Thus, he rarely has ever generated the proper key that he requires, although that has never stopped him from trying. It is unknown whether he had once been able to properly control his ability and something caused it to break, or if it was always defective.

The keys themselves are just as diverse as their respective levels. They may sometimes take the form of a conventional frontroom key - an object with incisions cut to fit the wards of a particular lock. However, more often than not the keys are abstract conceptual notions or even sentient lifeforms, unpredictable in function. Hell, it could even be a bottle of hot sauce. Sometimes, The Keymaster has generated other, more malicious entities as keys. In one instance, he had inadvertently summoned a highly destructive eldritch nightmare which left no trace of the wanderers that were unlucky enough to be present when it happened. Only one escaped to relate this tale, before they too succumbed to a delayed death. This unpredictability is what makes The Keymaster dangerous.


The Keymaster was not necessarily discovered, so much as he has always been known to the wanderers of The Backrooms. He is nearly as widely known as The Red Knight, and perhaps has been known for even longer. The oldest recorded sighting took place in The Hub, in which he was seen wandering in confusion. As entities cannot typically access The Hub from outside, it may be likely that The Keymaster's existence began here, although the nature of his connection to this place (if one exists) is unknown. Given his extensive history, it is therefore fitting that The Lost, as the first humans to record him, were the first ones to identify him by a name - "Gatekeeper". However, over time his popular title would evolve to become "The Keymaster", which now is more popularly used outside of The Lost's culture.


There are several theories in regards to The Keymaster's true nature and origins. Below are the three most prominent theories:

The Wanderer Theory

It is popularly speculated that The Keymaster was once a wanderer himself, before experiencing some vague fate that made him what he now is. This makes sense, considering numerous other cases of human wanderers becoming entities after being transformed by other entities, if not the level itself. This explanation would lend to his more humanoid nature and appearance, which is absent from most other entities. It may also explain the keyring on his hip. Perhaps in his human life, he may have been a custodian, and that influenced what he would become in the next life? It's interesting to think about.

The Experiment Theory

Another theory is that The Keymaster was merely created as part of a test/experiment being performed by a greater, more mysterious entity. This is supported by the fact that his powers do not function properly. If he were experimental, then there could be room for error and failure, just as with all experiments.

The Cloak theory

This theory postulates that The Keymaster was not only one, but in fact multiple individuals. "He" may have even been several non-human entities as well.
Essentially, those who subscribe to this theory believe that The Keymaster draws his abilities from the cloak he wears, although he himself is unaware of this. Some believe that the cloak is paranormal in nature, while others believe it to be highly advanced technology. Whatever the case, it is agreed upon that this is the source of his power. When he dies (as he has been shown to die before), another being finds his cloak (or perhaps the cloak finds them), and upon the cloak attaching to them, they become the new Keymaster, with all his abilities. This may lend to the inconsistencies between recorded interactions with him/her/them/it.

Or, alternatively, there could be multiple Keymasters with multiple cloaks, all immortal and running around The Backrooms, yet somehow succeeding to never be seen together in the same space. Whether this group is organized is unknown.

The Natural Theory:

Still others posit that The Keymaster is simply a force of nature. He always has, is and will be. His spirit may perhaps be tied to the very nature and physics of the Backrooms themselves.

Perhaps all of these are true, or none of them are at all. The full truth may never be known.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Exhibit neutral or positive attitude toward him. He will not be malicious if others aren't to him.
  • Try to keep your distance if you are inexperienced with navigating The Backrooms or interacting with its entities. One wrong move could cost you your life.


  • Ask for assistance in navigating exiting your level. Although there is only an infinitesimal chance of him generating the right key, it is still nonetheless a chance - perhaps your only one left. It is this knowledge that has led many a desperate wanderer to request a key from The Keymaster, and often they were met with a gruesome end - though who knows, you may just get lucky. Choose wisely however, as wanderers may only request one key - no do-overs.


  • Display aggressive or hostile behavior. If you're just an average casual wanderer, chances are you're not gonna come out a winner.
  • Stick around if he generates the wrong key…

*If this were confirmed true, then the M.E.G. must devote all efforts and resources to tracing this location. The discovery of it would prove invaluable to navigating The Backrooms. It would be a game-changer.
I can already feel my superiors cringing at this title

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