The Duke of process
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Entity Number: 102

The duke of process is an entity that works as a representative for the Reverance

Habitat(s): - Majority


The Duke of Process resembles a tall man with pale white or (sometimes described as light blue) skin who wears a black jumper with the titular reverence logo on the back. He is extremely hostile and cannot be reasoned with, although his exact intelligence is unclear, his obedience to the reverence is unquestionable.


The Duke of Process appears to stalk and kill those who oppose or intend on destroying the reverence, acting as a sort of “Hitman” for the reverence. It is unknown how long it usually takes for him to reach a target, however when he does he singles them out specifically, rarely harming those who are not his specified target.

When the Duke has killed a target (Typically by physical force such as strangulation or blunt head trauma) he will proceed to the nearest doorway, locking the door behind him as he leaves by unknown means.

The Duke is theorized to not have the supernatural capabilities as the other reverence representatives have (See biology), however he has several level keys on his jumpsuit belt which were likely provided to him by the reverence for easy access to targets.


The Duke is extremely physically capable. He appears to be at least eight feet tall, and extremely heavy in weight. The Duke is near impossible to kill, showing resistance to fire and an absorption to bullets, although they do affect him in lesser ways.

The Duke is not impossible to defeat in battle, and when the duke has been incapacitated or made impossible to attack the selected target he will disappear, showing up days later to attack the target again.

The Duke may not be able to speak, as he has not ever shown an interest in doing so in any way. His connection to humanity is strenuous, however he is the closest to being directly human out of the known representatives.

His physical appearance is minimal, he has no eyebrows, hair, lips, or pupils. The Dukes blood has been described as green, however this is not confirmed.


The Duke was first deployed by the reverence after the larger population of the backrooms learned of the reverence and the M.E.G’s knowledge of the mysterious group. Certain colonies began to question the M.E.G’s involvement, and a few riots began to brew in larger areas. However the figureheads of the riots were terminated by the Duke, leading to his identity to be known.

The Duke of process got his name after a suitcase was found in level 4, with a list of what is presumed to be composed of names all marked off in black marker. Above this list said: “PROCESSED”

The implications were drawn thereafter.

Do's and Dont's:


Avoid dealing with another representative, or the reverence as a whole. Doing so could result in the Duke being deployed against you if you fail to comply with them.


Make deals with the reverence you can't fulfill.

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