Entity 102 - "The Headless Hunter"
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This article contains graphic descriptions of gore, including detailed depictions of violence, bodily harm, and blood. It may be disturbing or triggering to some readers, so please exercise caution before proceeding. Reader discretion is advised.

Subject:"The Headless Hunter"

Interview Log 17/02/2023

The following is an interview between a M.E.G. investigator (operating under the codename "Robert Joseph".), and John Walter, one of the only known survivors of an encounter with Entity 102.

Begin Log: 17:45
Interviewer: Robert Joseph
Interviewee: John Walter

Robert: Good afternoon, this is M.E.G investigator "Robert Joseph". Could you please state your name and your age for the M.E.G's records?

John: My name is John Walter, and I am 27 years old.

Robert: Alright, let's begin with the interview then, do you remember which level you were in when you encountered Entity 102?

John: what? No, What's a level? Is this some sort of video game??

Robert: Uhh…how do I explain it…, just describe the surroundings of the place where you encountered Entity 102.

John: okay, umm, I remember…i-it was dark…, had concrete floors and walls.., isolated rooms and hallways….

Robert: You seem to be describing Level-1.

John: (confused stare) …What?

Robert: Nothing, do you remember for how long you've been in the Backrooms?

John: I had been wandering for what felt like hours, but I had lost all sense of time in that place…

Robert: Very well, can you describe your encounter in detail?

John: Yeah, s-sure. I remember it v-vividly, Uhh… So,… I..I was wandering in the Backrooms when I saw this mysterious figure staring at me from a distance, someone was standing there, or…. S-something, it looked like a human but it was missing… a head.

Robert: And did you try to get a closer look at the figure?

John: Yes, I did. I tried to get a clear view of the figure, but the more I looked at it, the more unnerved I became. It was a headless person, dressed in a formal black suit and holding a bloody crowbar in his right hand.

Robert: Well, would you be able to draw a rough sketch of the entity? It would make things a little easier for us to visualise.

John: S-sure, I can draw it… I guess….

(A pen and a piece of paper is provided to John for drawing.)

(John holds the pencil, closes his eyes for a few seconds, then opens them, staring at the paper before starting to draw.)

(John finishes the sketch with a few notable parts of the entity labelled.)

John: Here…. This is what I saw.

Robert: That looks terrifying. What did you do next?

John: I felt uneasy and tried to move away, but the entity started moving towards me, I panicked and ran for my life…

Robert: How did the entity behave during the encounter?

John: It just stared at me… and started moving towards me with the crowbar…, It was as if it was hunting me down. It was very creepy and unsettling..

Robert: Did the entity say or do anything that you found notable?

John: No, it didn't say anything, didn't I tell you it was missing a fucking head!

Robert: I am aware, I just wanted to know if it had any other… Nevermind. Anyways, how did you manage to escape?

John: I rounded another corner and found myself a little space between the walls to hide in. I slid in and patiently waited for it to leave… I stayed there for what felt like an eternity, listening for any sign of the entity. Then I heard a loud crashing noise and the sound of footsteps retreating into the darkness. I turned around and the figure was gone…

Robert: That's a very interesting detail, Can you tell me more about the sound that distracted the headless entity?

John: Yes, it was a sudden loud noise that came from a different direction. I'm not sure what caused it, but I think it might have been a door slamming shut or something falling over.

Robert: And, how did you find this document?

John: I followed the sound to investigate what might have caused it. That's when I stumbled upon a group of researchers and guards lying dead on the floor. They all had their blood drained out, the entity must've killed them. One of the researchers was holding this document in his hand, it was drenched in blood…. I was able to retrieve it despite the blood.

Robert: Very well, this is enough for now. Thank you for your cooperation. We may need to follow up with you in the future, but for now, this concludes the interview.

End Log: 17:57


Any individuals who encounter Entity 102 are to be immediately evacuated from the area.

Personnel are advised to be extremely cautious when entering areas that Entity 102 is suspected to linger frequently.

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