Member 101 - "The Shape"

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The Shape in Passage 11.



Service Number: 101

Name: The Shape

Current Location: Awaiting new assignment.


The Shape wears a large trench coat and tie, and dark oxfords. His most distinct feature would be his face, which has been magnified beyond comprehension to avoid facial recognition patterns that the B.N.T.G. or M.E.G. may use to identify him. Due to his past life, we found this a necessary precaution to take.

The Shape has been widely regarded as a valued and versatile member of The Conglomerate and The Reverence, having served for several years. The Shape joined The Reverence in 1985, with his date of inception having been 1991. He has served as a Representative of The Reverence up until the current year, with no failures or shortcomings. He first arrived in the Backrooms in 1983, joining the B.N.T.G. shortly afterwards.

After serving in the B.N.T.G., he found his position in their ranks to be unfavorable, and offered The Conglomerate valuable information in exchange for passage into The Reverence. This transaction occurred in early 1985.


Interviewer: Hello sir. As I understand it you wish to join The Conglomerate, is this correct?

The Shape: Ah… yes? If it means I can join The Reverence, then yes. That’s what i want.

Interviewer: Technically it does. What was your position in the B.N.T.G. before arriving here?

The Shape: I worked for their database. I still have access to all their information, if you-

Interviewer: Good. How long have you been in the backrooms?

The Shape: Since ‘83, i think.

Interviewer: Good.

The Shape: I…

Interviewer: Is there a problem?

The Shape: I’m sorry but… What are you? What’s wrong with your eyes?

Interviewer: Please refrain from asking questions until after the interview.

The Shape: I haven’t seen you blink once since we got in this place- and your teeth! Why the fuck are they shaped like that?

Interviewer: Please refrain from asking questions until after the interview.

The Shape: I… Look, you guys will accept my information, right?

Interviewer: Given the correct circumstances.

The Shape: Okay. That’s all I need to know about this place then, i guess.

Interviewer: Why do you wish to join The Conglomerate, exactly?

The Shape: I have a grudge. Let’s put it at that.



The Shape possess fairly standard abilities amongst most Representatives. He is allowed access to The Reverence's Level Keys at his request and is expected to carry standard issue supplies on his person at all times. He was given his powers and abilities on his date of inception during 1991.

Inception interviews

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