Entity 100
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You know who i am.

Do not play dumb with me.

This is not finished. The M.E.G. will continue this later, probably.


Why are you still here?

Is there something you want to know?

I don't get it.

what is it you want?

I get it now. You want freedom.

You want to get out, to your universe.
You don't belong here.

However, there are things trying to stop you.
The manipulative, the free. The kingdom, and so do he.

Huh? Why I'm not trying to stop you?

There is no reason too, isn't there?

Who am I?

I guess I can let you see some..

Well, I better go. Nice meeting you!


Why are you still here?

What do you want, a prize? haha.

No, but i have a question.

Seriously? I gave you an edited description of me, my behaviors, and even my appearance! What do you want now?

I want to know, who are you? No like, who actually are you?

What do you mean? I'm one of those entities that you guys document, y'know. Like the party thing. Stuff like that.

No, you're not.

Haha, as if. I'm not much different.

What are you?

What do you want, a story?

please type here

Okay, fine fine. I'll play your game.

I do have this weird audio log, guess ill play this.

Date: ??/??/2018
Start Log

(Door opens and slams shut, along with shuffling paper.)

Overseer-B: What do you want now, man?

Overseer-A: Well, something very interesting happened.

Overseer-B: What is it?

Overseer-A: Some entity seemed to take over a body, and it killed some M.E.G. Operatives.

Overseer-B: Is it terminated?

Overseer-A: No, I got out of there before the entity got me.

Overseer-B: Well, what did the entity say?

Overseer-A: Well, I have an audio log of it.

(Overseer-A grabs a cassette tape and puts it in a cassette player. The tape seems to be played a couple of minutes after the possession.)

Overseer-A: W-What did you do to him!?

Entity 100: Man, it's been a long while sense I've possessed a human body. Last time I've possessed anybody was that thing.

Overseer-A: What the hell are you!?

(Overseer-A calls M.E.G. Operatives.)

Entity 100: Oh, you're bringing more friends? Nice.

Overseer-A: Wha—

Entity 100: Yeah, bringing people with guns won't do anything. C'mon, shoot me.

(The entity seems to spawn an uzi in the overseer's hands. Overseer-A shoots the thing in the head, but does nothing.)

Overseer-A: What are you!?!

Entity 100: You humans are so predictable nowadays. The other ones are much more fun to watch.

Entity 100: Anyways, I know you guys love to "document" things. Well, you got me now. (laughing)

(By then, the M.E.G. Operatives get to the area.)

M.E.G. Operative 1: What do you need?

Overseer-A: Kill that thing!

M.E.G. Operative 2: Is it a Skin-Stea—

(The entity snaps the neck of the M.E.G. Operative)

M.E.G. Operatives 1 & 3: Oh god!

(They shoot the thing, but its ineffective. M.E.G. Operative 1 gets jumped by the entity, and it turns into a black humanoid with white glowing eyes, black hoodie, blue jeans, and sneakers. The entity slashes at the M.E.G. Operative, dying. The entity turns back into the human.)

Overseer-A: Holy—

(Entity 100 throws Overseer-A into the wall, While M.E.G. Operative 1 grabs his blade and stabs it in the arm, cutting it off.)

Entity 100: AH! What the hell?! My arm!!

(Entity 100 grabs M.E.G. Operative 1 and throws him into a table, then throws 2 boxes at him, breaking both of his legs and his left arm.)

M.E.G. Operative 1: (Screams out of pain.)

Overseer-A: I got to get out of here! (sounds of running)

Entity 100: Stretch~ Where are you?!

Overseer-A: What the hell..

Overseer-A manages to get into another area, and calls more M.E.G. Operatives, and gets to Overseer-B.

Overseer-B: What the hell was that?

Overseer-A: That's exactly why I'm here, what was that?

(Overseer-C enters the room.)

Overseer-C: I've heard, what was that?

Overseer-A: Where is the entity?

Overseer-C: We can't find it anywhere.

Overseer-B: Well, we must document this.

Overseer-A: We got to find out more information first.

Overseer-C: Yeah, we should research it more first.

Overseer-B: Let's do it.

End Log

Happy now?

I got my information, I'll be telling people about this.

Are you serious? That won't do anything.

Because they won't believe me?

No, because it's classified.

We'll see about that.

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