Entity 0 - "The Backrooms"
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An image of Level 0, supposedly taken 'mid no-clip'. Whether or not this is actually possible is currently unknown, this image could be fake.

Entity Number: 0

Habitat: Outside of Normal Reality


Entity 0 is the current designation to what we know as "the Backrooms". From what we understand, the Backrooms are a series of 'Levels', with each one having varying levels of quantum stability, manifesting as large or small areas that mirror normal reality in some ways. Many have considered them 'liminal spaces', 'heterotopias', or 'déjà vu educing nightmares'.

Most people who find themselves in the backrooms either join a colony, outpost, or major faction, or become nomadic travelers, called wanderers. Any being that would not exist in the real world under normal circumstances, and is believed to be created by, or only exist in the Backrooms, is referred to as an Entity.

Some reports have indicated that Level 999 may be a possible exit from The Backrooms itself, implied to lead back into the real world. As of now, it is impossible to prove this to be the case, and it is highly suggested that you do NOT attempt to reach Level 999 in an attempt to return home.


The Backrooms seems to create Levels based on the human experience. Things like the natural Earth geobiology, architecture and buildings, human-like Entities, etc., are all victim to being mimicked by the Backrooms. Reality seems to be extremely unstable in some areas. This could be interpreted as humans being the only life in the universe, or perhaps indicating that an extraterrestrial intelligent society would have their own version of the Backrooms. The answer is unclear.

Some Levels appear sentient, or act in ways that defy all logic, or target individual wanderers. Some Levels also seem to be created with the purpose of human benefit. Many have considered the Backrooms to be alive, and aware.


While each individual Level of the Backrooms may or may not be finite, there is likely an infinite amount of Levels. Attempts to map out the physical placement of each Level outside of normal reality have been made, but this is considered a fruitless effort. Levels seem to lead into oneanother at complete random, leaving the order of them sometimes up in the air.


There is no way to tell when the Backrooms were created (if they even were created) nor when the first report of their existence was created. It is theorized that one of the earliest confirmed mentions of the Backrooms might have been prebiblical, inspiring one of many depictions of hell. The Lost has records of ancient references to the Backrooms in writing as "The New Underworld", but they refuse to share them.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Remain calm, be constantly aware of your surrounding, maintain your sanity
  • Accept that you are no longer home, and you will likely never return
  • Listen to the M.E.G.


  • Panic, or allow your sanity to decrease too much
  • Approach dangerous Entities or enter unstable Levels
  • Give up

See the 'Basics of the Backrooms' guide for more information. Watch your back.

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