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Random Entity

What Are Entities?

As a result of their danger to all who near them, "Entities" (colloquially referred to as Beings, Things, Creatures, or Monsters) are quite difficult to examine; most information comes from bloodied notes and panicked glimpses in the dark. The main factor for survival in this hellscape is identifying and evading, not engaging. Of course, fighting is always one option.

These creatures exhibit an extremely wide array of behavioral traits. Some creatures, especially those on lower levels (especially those below 2), can be passive, docile or even helpful – they seem to be somewhat dormant or shy. Sightings are difficult to come across due to the skittishness of most of the beings. Creatures generally become more aggressive when eye contact is made, but the more docile of them may do the exact opposite. There have been reports of creatures communicating telepathically; however, the validity of these reports has not yet been proven.

The main thing to keep in mind, however, is that there are many - often conflicting - reports, only a handful of which are confirmed, so think on your feet and never trust anything as absolute. If you want to garner a better understanding, and perhaps help others in your position too, take mental (and physical) notes and record them in the Entity's file.

Entity Habitats

The creatures inhabit many, if not all levels of the backrooms in some form. They are less plentiful on the starter levels, with the number of creatures per level generally increasing as you progress. The creatures seem to not be able to leave the floor they inhabit, though it is not known if all creatures have this limitation or if only a few subspecies do.


After choosing an unused (without a name) and writing your Entity, give it a name like the others. Sit back and relax check the rating, per page discussion, and page frequently and change things that need changing.

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