Enigmatic Entities
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In universe…
enigmatic entities are a specific group of entities that are powerful enough to cause widespread destruction or instability, their documentation having wide-reaching implications for the Backrooms as a whole.

These entities are normally extremely dangerous and unpredictable, though a rarer few are benevolent and co-operative. Most possess unique properties and behavior that cannot yet be understood or explained.

Eye-witness accounts of these entities are often sparse, for reasons ranging from low survival rate of encounters to self-censoring effects. Due to this lack of information, this category of the database is in exceptional need of you — yes, you — to help expand it with your own information!

Out of universe…
…sometimes, an entity is so special as to warrant its own classification as an enigmatic — usually due to far-reaching implications for the Backrooms lore. The wiki does not have one consistent canon, the universe being entirely malleable from page to page, so feel free to make entirely world-shattering entities for this list!

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