The Elevator Shaft
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The Elevator Shaft. An instance of Entity 81 can be seen below.


The Elevator Shaft is an area that Elevators travel through to access other Levels. It is similar to The Hub in the sense that it is a hub that can lead to several other Levels in the Backrooms. However, it is far more dangerous. While devoid of Entities, traversing this Level without being inside of an Elevator is extremely difficult, due to the dangerous slopes leading down into bottomless tunnels. With equipment similar to that of a mountain climber, you'll be able to traverse the Elevator Shaft. However, unless you are inside an Elevator, you will be unable to exit. Your best bet is to break into an Elevator passing by.

Entrances And Exits:


Can be assessed by pushing back one of the light panels when inside an Elevator.


Break into another Elevator passing by. You will not be able to enter another level from this point if you are not inside one.

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