Object 5 - "Electrical Outlets"
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Electrical outlets, sometimes referred to as 'False outlets" are defective outlets within the backrooms.


Electrical outlets in the backrooms are unlike normal outlets outside of the backrooms. When plugged into phones a variety of things can happen. Certain events have a higher chance of happening than others.

List of each recorded event and the chance of it happening when plugged into a phone:

  • Charging the phone normally (Likely)
  • lowering the phones power (somewhat likely)
  • Frying the charger (Unlikely)
  • Frying the phone (Highly unlikely)
  • Highly increasing phones performance and charge speed (Unlikely)

Sometimes during charging of the phone it will send text messages to contacts within the users contact list. This could vary from random gibberish to once sentence texts that are usually barely comprehensible. it is unknown how or why this happens.
One of the most common texts the outlets send is the phrase "Saw your face but not the head", Which could either be a reference to Smilers or a currently undiscovered entity. This phrase is usually randomly capitalized and seems to end with any kind of punctuation.


Most Electrical Sockets in the Backrooms are believed to be type C and compatible variations of type C. this type is most common in Level 0, Another plug type discovered in The Backrooms is type F, a plug type common in Southern Europe and Russia.

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