Doors From Home
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“Things are coming to an end. I need to know if you want to accept my offer, post-haste! What do you say, huh?”

He eyed down the creature with a slight smirk. He wasn’t certain what it was— what they were— but he knew that they were desperate. They were said to be phantasmal beings, from outside The Backrooms itself. He had done his research previously, of course, but it was hard to discern certain things about them even in person. His right eye told him of a past filled with unending grief, and his left warned him of an even more tragic future. More than that, he wished not to know.

Their “lives”, if you can call it that, were draught with a strange sort of pain that he did not fully understand. Their home was a cruel reconstruction of some sort of baseball diamond, though it was miles away from any sense of normalcy… and he doubted that anyone could even play baseball here, though he was not familiar with the sport.

The one he was speaking to was a part of a larger group, all of whom shared the same visage. It was… representing the others, so to speak. A pawn in a larger transaction of souls. It spoke erratically, through garbled wavelengths and warped tongues which barely communicated full sentences. He found it an irritating dialect, but one that he could understand with tolerance.

“More… Questions.”

The being responded to him with a blunt question that further annoyed Janus. What more could they possibly want to know? It was a simple operation, truly. He’d use his abilities to provide them what they requested, and in return, they’d use their abilities to do certain things that he’d… rather not do himself. Really, he was only offering the deal to try and help them out of their peculiar situation. He benefited quite little in the end.

“Constant… pain. Sharp. Restrictive. Will… exit… help?”

Janus took a long moment to ponder its question. Scanning the various outcomes as they flashed through his brain, he realized he wasn't that confident about any of them. It wasn’t a question he was sure he had an answer to. “The Ballpark”, as it was called, had similar properties to The Backrooms… but it served a different purpose. It was a place of entrapment, likely the reason why they wanted to leave it in the first place. The effects of them doing so were unpredictable however, as it had never been done before. Though he could try to anticipate the affects, he didn't want to underestimate all the possibilities…

He did know, though, that entering The Backrooms wouldn’t save these entities… they were far beyond repair. It seemed that they knew this as well. What they planned to do when they entered The Backrooms, he did not care to know. It didn’t matter, provided they held up their end of the bargain.

“Perhaps it will! And if it doesn't… well, I can hardly imagine it to be worse than your current state of life. I for one would take the plunge, friends! How bad could it truly be?”

The specter slowly looked back to its companions, who sat idly on the bleachers in the distance. They stared at Janus with a blank expression, before silently nodding in agreement in unison. The one he spoke with seemed to be considering the offer once more.

“Come now! I don’t have much time, and I rarely offer opportunities like this one. So, I ask once more:”



As its hand grabbed his own in a tight grasp, he felt the briefest of chills. As it let go, the deal was finally confirmed, causing Janus's right eye to open wide. He was quite excited to be leaving such a dreadful place, and with the added bonus of a new friend!

"Greatly appreciated! Let's go then, your chariot awaits!"

Aimlessly gnawing on a piece of candy, he waltzed over to the door of an empty shack to the left of the baseball diamond before merrily tapping its handle, twisting it open to reveal…

The Backrooms.

What was once an unremarkable little structure had been turned into a doorway to another world. It was only temporary, however it would stay open long enough to provide each member of the team a safe exit.

As the leader of The Homerunners stepped towards the door and glanced into the other world, it whispered a final message to Janus:

"See… You… On… Other… Sides."



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