Level 4
Well, it was three hellscapes in at that point, and… I just wasn't sure if this place had an ending to it. You do get unsure after that amount of time, and I just… exited out through one of the stairwells, and… it was this magical moment for me, because all the light that was shining on me in that stairwell was sickly yellow — I almost looked jaundiced — and I stepped out, and- there were no lights on in the room I was in, It was… completely, just- broad daylight from the window. I looked out, and it was— there were trees out there — and the tree was rustling in the wind, and I walked over to it, and I was just- like, this is me, I'm out.

Level 4

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Exit: 1/5
Easy to Exit

Environment: 0/5
No Environmental Risks

Entities: 1/5
Minimal Hostile Presence


A typical room in Level 4

The Blue Office, designated by the M.E.G. as Level 4, is commonly regarded as the safest level of the Backrooms. It serves as a hub for wanderers to congregate or rest in and provides ample supplies with which to construct bases and set up camps.

It should be noted that Level 4 is the level on which almond water is found most frequently.


Level 4 is an infinite empty office space, characterised by blue or gray floors and pristine white walls. The level is non-linear – within a room, space appears perfectly linear, though returning where one came from via doors or stairwells is impossible1. The atmosphere on the level is calming, yet tinged with nostalgia and hollowness – windows line the sides of most rooms, appearing to lead back to reality.

The rooms of Level 4 are generally quite similar to each other. Adjacent rooms appear nearly identical, as though they come from the same real-world building, small differences accumulate as one progresses to reveal rooms that look quite different. Level 4 is devoid of long hallways between rooms, instead doors lead directly into other offices.

Level 4’s walls are smooth and cleanly painted, all in the same white colour. Often the walls are divided into panels, though this is not always the case. Some rooms contain boarding on the base of walls, which is a valuable source of wood aside from the level’s wooden doors.

Flooring on Level 4 generally comes in two varieties; carpeted, and smooth. Carpeted floors generally appear worn, with balls of fluff accumulated from apparent previous use. That being said, they are in otherwise good condition, being far cleaner than Level 0’s soggy and moist rugs. Smooth floors do appear relatively clean as well, being generally devoid of obvious dirt. Some floors exhibit dents in the shape of chairs and table legs, leaving the ghostly impression of a once-full workspace.

Water coolers appear frequently on the level, filled with almond water which is safe to drink. As well as these water coolers, 90s-era printers, and computers2 can be found plugged into the outlets lining Level 4’s walls. Most usefully, worn-out electric kettles can be found here too, an invaluable tool for boiling almond water.

Elevators lead to other floors within the level, though entry into Elevator Space is possible through the elevators’ roof.

Survival Guide


A water cooler in Level 4.

Stock up on as much almond water as possible, and boil all of it as soon as you find a kettle – you never know when you’ll next have access to a means to boil water. Bottles of almond water can be found here with which to contain it, and some water coolers come with paper cups – take some of these, even if you don’t need them right now, you might need them later.

The main threat on this level are the windows, which appear to lead outside of the Backrooms into the real world. Although the Backrooms seem to be on a different plane than the Earth, newcomers may believe that they have simply been stuck in an absurdly large building – when humans are confused, they tend to rationalise. If a wanderer has been wandering through the more underground levels such as Level 2 or Level 3, it could seem that upon entering Level 4 that they have exited the underground portion of whatever building they are trapped in. The windows appear to offer an escape from this nightmare. They do not. Consult the main page on these false windows for more information.



  • Enter via stairwells in these levels:
  • On Earth, entry is possible via any office building or skyscraper, usually via stepping through a glitched door.
  • As with all levels, entry is possible via no-clipping on Earth.


  • Rarely, stairwells and doors can lead to any other level, excluding Level 8. If entry is made into Level 9, it will always lead one indoors.
  • Through the roof of any elevator, it is possible to enter Elevator Space.

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