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An image of a faceling found on Level 8.

Facelings are humanoid creatures, only distinguished by their lack of a human face. The front of their head is covered in smooth, featureless skin. They pose no threat to humans if encountered.


Facelings wander the Backrooms similarly to humans, avoiding hostile entities if possible and interacting with naturally occurring objects. They do not interact with other entities often, though some facelings wander with a hound by their side. Despite lacking a face, facelings appear to possess vision.

Facelings display no apparent personality traits, and will not fight back if provoked. They only respond to stimulus by jerking back or changing their walking direction, unless they experience life-threatening harm, in which case they may attempt to flee.

They do not vocalise or otherwise attempt to make sound, and are generally non-communicative. Some facelings initially appear interested in people when first in their direct vicinity, but this interest is inevitably soon lost. They do not interact with other entities, even ignoring hounds that stay by their side.


Facelings do not exhibit any anatomical differences from humans outwardly other than their faces. They respond to pain as a human would, jerking back slightly at the source of injury.

After a human has been transformed into a faceling, the faceling's internals will convert into a waxy substance, akin to beeswax. A new faceling will continue to bleed human blood if cut, but over time they will begin to bleed less until no bleeding occurs at all.

Unless killed very soon after transformation, facelings are unable to die.

Survival Guide

Facelings are the result of desolation on humans, causing them to become one with the Backrooms though transformation into an entity. This initially entails memory loss and numbing of the sense of unease usually felt in the Backrooms. Wanderers accept the Backrooms as though it was the real world, before finally losing their faces and becoming a faceling. This process normally takes upwards of 3 weeks to complete, and can be stalled by consistent consumption of almond water.

Ask yourself these questions regularly:

  1. Who am I, and where did I come from?
  2. What was I doing before I entered the Backrooms?
  3. What is wrong with my surroundings?
  4. Have I recently consumed almond water?

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