Desolation Backrooms Guide


Stay calm, and read carefully.

Hello, whoever you are. We are the M.E.G.: a small group of wanderers working to help as many people as we can, and get us out of this place. We can't afford to spread this over more than two pages, so we'll be concise.

You've probably been wandering in this building, cave, or dark suburb for a while. You might be wondering where you are, and how to get home — that's good, hold onto that. Remember where you came from above all else. That being said, your questions need answers, so read onward.

The Backrooms

Nobody remembers who first called it that, but it's a fitting name — it's like we're in the backrooms of reality.

The Backrooms is a series of levels — infinite landscapes with a consistent look and theme. If you don't know what to look for you could be trapped in one's monotony forever.

We call travel into/throughout the Backrooms 'no-clipping': phasing through solid objects.

  • You can no-clip through visibly glitched areas in reality. Ever seen one wall in a room that's darker than the others?
  • You can no-clip by performing strange maneuvers against a wall. If you see somebody else, they might be able to teach you to do it — it's hard to describe in writing.
  • You can no-clip by entering an area that resembles another level, especially a particularly empty and desolate space. If you didn't notice anything had happened, this is probably how you got here.

The Backrooms has 11 levels; we call them by these numbers for simplicity: 0 - Yellow Halls, 1 - Concrete Lots, 2 - Pipe-lined Halls, 3 - Electricals, 4 - Blue Office, 5 - The Hotel, 6 - Darkness, 7 - The Ocean, 8 - Caves, 9 - Dark Suburbs, and 10 - The Fields. We are based on Level 4, as it is the safest.

There are a few creatures, generally known as "entities". The faceless humans are safe, windows that look like they lead outside are traps, and that thing is not a dog.


This whole place feels off, doesn't it? It's all off, so desolate. That's the effect this place has on all things. It's called "desolation", and the best way to sum it up is that it makes things strange and liminal. It makes things feel unusual and generates a sense of unease. Three main categories of desolation that you should be aware of are:

Desolation in Structures

Avoid building fully-closed structures; they can become sub-levels, which can mean being trapped, locked away from any means to survive. Imagine you built a small shack from pieces of the wall on Level 0. You stay the night in it, and you know you'll be safe — it's secure, you made sure of it. You wake up, and you try and leave your shack, and it never ends. Trapped.

Desolation in Objects

Objects also experience the effects of desolation. Your phone will malfunction, your books will become unreadable, your pictures will fade or become strange and unrecognizable. Bottles of water will become a substance called "almond water", it smells of almonds and has an oily feeling in the mouth. It is safe to drink — more on it later.

Desolation in Humans

In humans, desolation manifests in two main ways: forgetting, and transforming. Calm down and read extremely carefully.
First, after a while people tend to forget important things. Usually the first things to go are things pertaining to the Backrooms, and things pertaining to where you came from. People go into a daze where they have no history and no goals, and they wander around aimlessly, almost as if they're a part of the Backrooms itself.
Then, people turn into an entity known as a Faceling. You might have seen one around, as they're reasonably common. A human becomes a Faceling after long enough of forgetting where they've come from, as the effects of desolation take hold and become irreversible. Their name comes from the smooth skin which covers where their face should be.


  • Drink almond water. As mentioned before, water will turn into almond water over time, but it can also be found all around the place. Avoid drinking it if it seems off in any way other than its oily texture.
  • Find others. Facelings cannot help you, but people can. If you find somebody, make yourself useful and try to stick together. If you find us, the M.E.G., we will help you.


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