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It is elementary to simply state that you appreciate your life. All one has to is open their mouth, and say that they do so out loud, without much thought given to that phrase. Most will have been asked this question at minimum once in their lifetime, and they will most probably have answered with affirmation, but without true meaning given to what they have said.

It is that exact same presumptuousness that leads us to equate life's value with the obsolete, focusing but on our materialistic naughts and not on the true connotations of the life we have been given one chance to fully experience.

How well do you truly appreciate sentience? Thought? Living as a whole? Can you truly say you appreciate your life without having your esse be jeopardized at some point?

Entertain this thought.

Your existence has been limited to one year.
One year from now, starting right as you read this message, your whole world will be erased. Everything you have strived to achieve, all the bonds you've forged and broken, the sublime memories that play around in your mind, all cast away in an instant, one year from now.

What would you do with your remaining time?

Would you try and fight destiny? Would you hope for a chance that the cards that were dealt to you are simply faux? Would you keep the one gift Pandora's box has hitherto given to humanity close to your heart?

Would you surrender to despair? Content with allowing yourself to fade into oblivion? Satisfied to watch the curtains close, without putting up, at the bare minimum, a final, pathetic struggle for the crowd that watches in the stand?

Entertain this thought.

Think long and hard before answering.
The abyss has all the time in the world to hear your answer.

After all, it listens, but its elective does not change.

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What is Decay?

The Decay Canon follows the experience of several inhabitants of The Backrooms as their home for god knows how long begins to wither and die in front of them. A mysterious patch of darkness begins to spread around The Backrooms, taking all the nostalgic hellscapes and the entities that live in them with it. Different groups begin making unlikely allies in hopes of stopping the eventual death of The Backrooms, and the prioritization of finding an exit is emphasized the closer the backrooms gets to mass destruction.

The main premise of the Decay Canon is hope and despair, and how the inhabitants go about facing an unknown evil that is greater than anything else they could've ever imagined. Strengths are found in common goals, and temporary peace is brought upon The Backrooms if only for a few precious moments. But in the end, is that enough to stop The Decay?

The Canon is split into 4 parts, each detailing the progression of the spread and how it changes the world around it.

Stage 1

The beginning of the end. More and more reports come to the M.E.G's attention about a strange patch of void that seems to grow bigger with each passing moment. Struggling to verify these claims, the M.E.G does not give much care to it at first, but the blissful ignorance only lasts a small amount of time.

Different explorer groups around The Backrooms begin reporting the same thing. More and more people start seeing the elusive patches of darkness, and eventually, they all come to the same conclusion:

Something terribly evil has just begun

Stage 2

Now that the several different groups have noticed the spread, it is undeniable that something must be done about it. As the different groups of The Backrooms try to maintain relative normalcy as best as they can, they start researching several different methods of escaping The Backrooms.

Several different explorations are made to the exit, as traversing the backrooms becomes harder and harder. The connections between levels begin to be severed, trapping the inhabitants inside. Transportation around the backrooms becomes a glaring issue as people begin to prepare for the worst.

Stage 3

Life in the backrooms as it was known has changed drastically. The different groups of The Backrooms have formed uneasy and desperate alliances with each other, and what once were the greatest of enemies have now banded together against the spread as one.

The scramble for an exit grows all the more desperate, as entire levels have begun being consumed by The Decay. Entities of The Backrooms watch in dismay as their homes are destroyed, and the last secure vestiges of humanity are breaking down.

The end times have grown near…

Stage 4

This is it. Singularity looms above The Backrooms with every passing day. Levels have almost all deteriorated completely, yet some beings still persist for some hope of survival. The last few humans watch cold and alone, knowing their days are numbered.

Despair has taken over, nothingness reigns supreme, and the once glorious Backrooms are on their last knees.

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