Debug Room
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The sky blue walls of the Debug Room.

This Room seems to be a Debug Room, that has many strange properties.


The Debug Room is a room where it accesses your thoughts and creates doors to travel to any level that you have discovered. The walls are painted blue and there are brown doors. You can access this level by No-Clipping while in the Negative Levels. Though you have to do it in a certain spot otherwise you'll end up in Level -0 and if you mess up you can get to places worse than the backrooms. All of the doors are automatically unlocked. Also, you can never meet any humans or entities because its different for everyone. There is also a PC with a file named "DeQy.mp3" attempting to use the file will teleport you to a random level. Though theoretically, if you send the file via Bluetooth you can send it to the desktop in The End though this is yet to be proven.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, you'll need to No-Clip while in the Negative Levels in a certain way. To Exit, Its really easy to leave, since there are doors that take you to other Levels.

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