Daily Thoughts From Amara
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TW for: depression, suicidal thoughts, paranoia

Daily thoughts from Amara

An interesting theory I thought up

Posted on: 1/16/2024

This place has always intrigued me. with its odd physics, and strange lack of linearity in many levels. And that intrigued has caused me to come up with a theory on how this place was formed.

My theory is that this place is inside a bubble universe that was formed by a black hole. This would be because, when black holes suck in mass, like stars, dust, etc, the black hole would absorb the mass.
However, the info stored by whatever is absorbed by the black hole, because quantum info can't be destroyed, and the info has to go somewhere. That, along with the fact that we don't know what is inside its singularity, leads me to hypothesize that there is a bubble universe at the other end of the black hole.

However, there are still a lot of unexplained things, but the prominent one is, why the hell does this place look like this.

However, I do have a decent amount of evidence that says I might be in the right direction. One is that time is considerably slower here, at least from what I can tell. However, it’s hard to tell how slow it is, as clocks can’t really measure that as clocks always run on a repeatable pattern that will always keep going.

Another is that rarely are any of the basic laws of physics from the front-rooms followed in here. The most prominent law being broken is the one of gravity. and considering time is at least partially caused by gravity, it would make sense that, in levels that don't obey the rules of gravity, neither would the level obey the rules of time.

But I still believe this theory needs more evidence before it is actually plausible that it is true.


Posted on: 1/19/2024

Despite finding more evidence supporting my hypothesis, I still haven't found anything that cannot be explained by something else.

Like, for example, the time to blink here is longer. It usually takes 100 milliseconds or 1/10 off a second to blink but down here it took 260 milliseconds.

The problem with doing this is that there are possible explanations for the time that don’t include my hypothesis.

A hypothesis about that black hole.

Posted on: 1/25/2024

I had an interesting hypothesis come to my mind lately

It was about that black hole in Level 78, Null-06 . And it’s that if black holes are the reason bubble universes exist, wouldn’t that black hole have one associated with it as well? And because of that, it could be a possible exit from this living hell.

But it’s not worth the risk, and even if it was, it being a black hole would kill any person going in it long before getting into the bubble universe that it feeds into.

I just spotted something odd outside.
It looked like a patch of space that looked off, for some reason. I tried to look closer, but all I saw is that the patch of space that looked off didn't really look coherent and looked out of place, because it had more nebula than the normal space has, and it has a sharp transition place where the nebula cuts off.


Posted on: 1/27/2024 at 2:50 pm

"It turns out that, well, that something happened to the black hole on this level. and one of the anomalies created by it,Blip-03, is coming straight towards us."

On the outskirts off the camera view, beyond the windows off the space station, was a white blob, with streaks off random colors around it. the camera very quickly rotates to point towards it before returning to the rotation it was at.

"Oh wait, it’s supposed to collide in 2 hours."
"Uhhh, anyway, I have a quick theory on this."

"What if the black hole was what caused the bubb- wait, never mind, that doesn’t make any damn sense."
"But this also means I have to disregard a lot of my previous theories unless I find proof otherwise, as the time dilation could have easily been caused by the black hole on this level."

Posted on: 1/27/2024 at 3:50 pm

"I can’t find a freaking escape here, anywhere. I’ve been looking for over an hour, and I have only around 50 minutes to get out of this place before it all goes even more to hell than it already has. And with my luck, that would be exactly what happens."

Posted on: 1/27/2024 at 4:20 pm

Turns out I was right, so screw it, I’m looking for "someone else that knows the way around here better than me. And right now, I feel really alone and I’m not sure I like it ."

Posted on: 1/27/2024 at 4:30 pm

{ the camera seems to be shakier than usual}

The hallway she is in is a sterile white, with many panels, buttons, and other things on the walls.
On the walls and floors, it also has handles.

"I'm alone. And I'm lost." and she seems to have started crying" I-I think I'm gonna die."

She then mutters "Stupid coffee, now I have a freaking headache. ", Almost sounding exasperated.
and then you hear a loud thud and the shattered glass of the broken coffee mug.

She then freezes, The camera, and video trembling. Before attempting to back up in a hurry, the camera view seaming to be a little jerky as she does so.

She then suddenly drops the camera, and the video ends

Posted on: 1/27/2024 at 4:31 pm

{this one is noticeably lower-quality.}

"Sorry about that, I dropped my phone. Anyways, someone is fucking here, and"

she hears footsteps, and it's able to be heard in the video as well

"Well shit." she mutters to herself before yelling out, "W-Who's there?! Show yourself!"

"Hello, are you lost" she hears a voice say. she can't see too well, because the tunnel they are in is partially dark, but the things that stood out are their white hair and rainbow hat. One thing behind him is the airlock, which is closed currently.

"Ye- No, I am not lost"

"Are you sure? You seem awfully lost" he asks her, moving forward towards her a little using the handrails on the floor and walls of the hallway, causing her, and therefore the camera, to move back a little as well

"Sounds like something someone intends on hurting me would say"

"I- Where did you get that idea?" he asks me, his slight smile wavering.

"I got it fr- you know what, forget it. what are you here for?" she interrupts herself while adjusting which one of her hands holds my camera

"I was looking for anyone that needed help, is that a good enough answer for you?!"

"Yeah, it is, jeez"

"Do you know a way out of here?

"Uh, yeah, I do" he un-zips his pockets before pulling out a small map of where the exits are "Here ya go"

"T-Thank you"

"Your welcome, have a good day," he says, slightly smiling at her.

"And you too"

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