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Goodbye, Archivist Medio. Logging out…

Medio sighs to themselves, stretching their arms and cracking their knuckles as they watch the computer screen power off, leaving them in relative darkness once more. A necessity, given how much more… attentive the M.E.G. had gotten lately when it came to the whereabouts of their personnel.

maybe i've been too hasty.

The Archivist shakes their head and looks around. Straining their human eyes to look around in the dark hurts. They're not used to this level of weakness, this amount of restriction. They used to be limitless. They should've been limitless.

but my real body is in heaven, they think to themselves as they stand up. probably for the best. Grabbing their discarded coat, they throw it over themselves, feeling the fabric on the parts of their arms not covered by their shirt. Despite knowing what they're going to do today, they feel… apprehensive.

…if something goes wrong today, i won't have to bear the brunt of the consequences. The thought is reassuring to them. i'll be fine. the m.e.g. can't hurt me. they can't hurt this body or my real one back in heaven.

it's time to bring these wayward humans back to heaven, where they belonged this whole time. Medio Gaius slowly walks out of the dark room that she's been secretly doing her work in all this time, leaving behind the stolen things and equipment for the last time, as she steels herself for what is next. i'll make this quick.

It's a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining, the clouds cover portions of the park every now and then with their shade, and the M.E.G. personnel are as relaxed as ever.

Which is why they're totally unprepared when the sky begins to swirl in on itself and distort, before fragmenting into a hole in the fabric of the level itself and revealing the first few glimpses of heaven above.

The Archivist calmly walks outside, summoning a neon pink javelin in her waiting hand, as she watches the humans in the distance scatter at the sight of the skybox falling apart.

in heaven, everything is fine.

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