Curiosity Killed the Cat
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I was lost in a blinding haze. All I could feel was an overwhelming pain in my eyes. I don't think she meant to do this to me.

A visitor had entered our home. I didn't think much of it. This happened all the time. She likes to have a chat and drink tea with them. I never understood why. I guess she's just fond of them. But this human was different. They weren't like the rest. They were very rude. She told them to be polite and follow her rules, but they simply refused to listen. She asked them to leave, and they complied. She opened the exit but then something went horribly wrong.

That's when it happened. I accidentally witnessed the Beyond.

I must have gotten too close. Nothing had ever survived this before. I thought my life was over. Instead, what I saw changed forever how I viewed reality. It’s hard to describe what I saw. It was horrifying. It was beautiful. It was so unbearably bright. It was just so… ¿◆βΞΩ?


I can't describe what I saw.

Huh. Why can't I say that? ¿◆βΞΩ! That’s strange. Anyway, as I was saying, my eyes burned along with every nerve in my body. I couldn't see. I ran wildly around the library, looking frantically for something, anything that could help me, that could stop the pain.

At some point, I must have accidentally ran through an exit, because I found myself somewhere strange. Though I couldn’t see, I could tell from the alien scents in the air, from the unfamiliar ground under my paws, from the echoes of things unseen around me, that I was lost. I wandered for days through the fog, stumbling and yowling in fear. Over the days, my eyes, burning from the things I had seen, gradually regained their sight, but not like before. Things look… different. And apparently, my eyes can do something special, too.

Now that when people look me in my eyes, they go into a sort of trance and think I'm some weird savior theirs… "Bringing the truth" or some crap like that. I guess this could work in my favor. I can make these people bring me food and such.

I’m alright now, I guess. I’m safe, and I have people to take care of me. But I’m not sure if I’m really happy with all this. I still miss the library. I miss Blanche.

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