Cultism: A Chaotic Analysis Part 1
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Log 05/8/22

A M.E.G drone found this excerpt in a journal on the floor of the field portion of Level 972.

Log 05/10/22

Due to the increasing disappearance of religious M.E.G operatives, further information on this excerpt is currently being investigated.

My last hope against the smiler attacking me is the crucifix in my pocket, for God is my savior. As I reach for it, something happens, and I end up in a new realm.

I fall into a grass field and pass out. The first thing I feel when I wake up is someone or something kicking me. I open my eyes and see an Adult Faceling by my side. It is not hostile, but I already know this. It seems to be trying to get me to move. I look around, and all I see is hordes over hordes of Facelings. They seem to all be facing towards my right, all slowly rotting. They do not look like the ones I have seen. Something feels weird about them. I get up, and I look around, assessing my situation. I try to pass through the crowd of Facelings, but they are fixed in place like steel. It is nearly impossible to move anywhere, so I decide to stay in the same place, moving with the Facelings. This place feels nice, though; maybe I should stay.

As I get closer and closer, I hear noises and whispers that speak to me. They tell me things like I am your god. and Judgement is near. I have met the lord almighty. Maybe this is peace, and he knows I deserve heaven after going through this hell. It is true euphoria as I am taken further and further. So help me, god.

Finally, God speaks to me,
"You have been chosen, for you are holy. You will be turned to your proper form, a true angel."
I can feel my vision giving out, and my hearing fails. I cannot smell, have any mouth, and cannot speak, all I can do is think, and so I think. I have achieved enlightenment.

I fall into a red room, lasting endlessly. Although I cannot see it, I feel it. I feel a voice, and it tells me.
"I have chosen you to spread my word. Find a sinner, bring them back here. I need a sacrifice, and I am your God, after all."

I fall through the floor once again. I can feel my surroundings like a bat. I know this place, level 6, but it's like I can visualize where I am going. I feel the presence of someone, a man my age. I run towards him and into him, but nothing happens. Instead, I disappear again.

I seem to be in level 1 now. I can feel a person, a woman. She appears to be a few years younger than me, covered in blood. I approach her, but once again, I disappear.

I find myself in this red void, almost like a projection of my mind. I feel the voice of God again,
"Which one is the sinner? Choose quickly."
I say, "The girl."
As it responds with, "Go get her then."

Once again, I grab her, and she turns to me. All I feel is a grotesque face made of guts and eyes. Mission accomplished, correct choice.
"I think I will rank you up. You seem to be better than the rest. I can tell you will change. You worship me. I will give you a bit of my knowledge and strength as your reward."
I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my neck as a painful poison runs through my body. However, I have found new strengths and a newly learned intelligence.

I know I have a new mission about a group of explorers, the M.E.G. I must find them and figure out what they want with my lord, why they keep sending those metal birds in the air into our excellent plain of serenity. I sense something around me; it seems to be a shelter, maybe a base. I try to discern if there is a computer around or a stack of papers. Nothing, but that is not the priority, mainly because I can feel footsteps coming toward me.

Two men around my age, visibly alarmed, it is not of concern anymore, they have been eliminated, sinners they were, I can feel myself gaining strength and livelihood, It is like I am younger. However, with this elimination, I gather the information I need. According to the M.E.G, my God is "dangerous" and "Vile," but this is false. Sinners cannot comprehend his actual actions and that he is the creator of all.

Sinners must serve God.

You are a sinner

I once was


I serve it

I serve it

I am its servant

I am nothing without it.


God will save you too.

VEAT (Voice Excerpt Anomalous Transfer) No. 1

Testing…. Testing… There we go, Miles, prepare for voice entry into the journal.

Alright, thanks, Emerson. I'll take it from here.

Hello Maximillian, If you remember that name, This is M.E.G Mu Initiative Science Team. We have found a way to project our voices towards this journal you set here. This seems to be set for us and will be our means of communicating with you. If this message has been relayed to you, please respond. We will know.

Alright, Miles, you are go-to to disconnect all VEAT transmission. Waiting period initiated.

Log 05/9/23

After careful analysis, the M.E.G has found out that this journal holds a property that allows voice entries to be added to it, this log, for example, being one of them.

Tedious examination via carbon dating reveals that this book is constantly being updated.

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