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The Children of the Void


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Clouds of steam seep through the vents of the heavily windowed office. They whisper to each other through vibrations; this is a far cry from the endless void they have come to call their reality. The clouds hover in silence, resisting the urges feebly, but curiosity overtakes them. They have to investigate. The intangible beings wander side-by-side in a purple line as they navigate through the seemingly endless office. Occasionally water fountains can be seen on the wall, as well as windows. The gaseous masses approach the windows and look out, there's nothing but an endless blue and white sky. Despite this being a big change, they seem disappointed. "Just another empty abyss," one says. They immediately begin to murmur and sigh. Having "something" is a lot more boring than they thought. It's just the same thing over and over. Eventually once they get their bearings, they keep moving.

Days pass. They could leave at any time but even the slightest possibility of something new motivates them to keep pushing forward. They walk through the halls which seemingly have no end to them, nor any signs of life. As they practically pour into a hall they see something peculiar. A dead body lays on the floor in front of them, its skin pale and dry, its eyes soulless and hollow. A few exposed patches of flesh can be seen on it as well. Despite never seeing humans before, this disgusts the group of spirits, but in a weird way also motivates them. It's like nothing they've ever seen. There are other creatures in this world? They continue forward. If something like this exists, who knows what could be out there? It could be anything, but they don't have the time to think about that. A loud scream can be heard in the distance. Each of the steam clouds rapidly mutter to each other. Eventually the muttering subsides as they come to a conclusion. They've got to check this out. The hum of the lights is slowly drowned out by voices as they turn a corner. They're loud, almost deafening.

They see something enticing… they see… life. A beast can be seen lying limp on the floor, beside it are several humans, drenched in its blood. The people go out of their way to help tend to the wounds of their comrades. This symbiotic relationship keeps them all alive as they fight to resist the void… to resist death. It seemed… genuine. Though the clouds are right in front of the people, they seem to not notice them. One of them is tending to the wounded, while another is skinning the beast. They all seem to be working together, almost perfectly. It's… amazing. Each one looks extremely unique. Despite their differences they all work together. The group of humans eventually wander off, as the clouds float in contemplation… Is it possible to blend in with these beings? The clouds slowly mold into shapes just like the humans. One at a time. Each gains a face, limbs, and a body. They all think one thing. This is the beginning of something amazing.

What is This Canon About?

The Children of the Void Canon (COV for short) details the adventures of the powerful and immortal beings of the same name as they try and manage the responsibility of keeping their fragile worlds (levels) balanced and stable. There are seven COV in total, and they all have the power to create and destroy their own levels of the Backrooms. Born from a cold and unfeeling void, the COV are desperate to create, create, and create to fill the emptiness that awaits them if they fail. They take the forms of humans, seeing that humans are the most successful species to rise above the great equalizer that is entropy. They have even created their own "versions" of humans to emulate our habits, deemed the "Architects."

The Main Series of the canon focuses on two of the COV — the Gardener and the Mariner. These two are bitter rivals with a long history of failed levels and collaborations between them. They are determined to prove to each other that they can create a long-lasting and peaceful world better than their counterpart's, and are not above sabotaging each other to do it. As the M.E.G. and B.N.T.G. find their way into the Gardener and Mariner's new levels, us humans are forced to cooperate with these powerful beings in order to maintain the security of the Backrooms, lest it fall apart by their hands.

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