Contributions Guide

Welcome to the Contributions Guide!

"I didn't know" is not an excuse for getting something fundamentally wrong… so we've compiled everything you need right here for submitting your first entry to the Wiki! Even seasoned Wiki contributors can do well to reference these sections to refresh their memory on standards and our preferred writing techniques - as well as grab templates and code snippets for modules.

Follow this guide in full before submitting your first page.

Read the Specific Guides First!

Levels and Entities make up a large bulk of the Wiki's content - and they're often the first categories new writers want to jump into. If you have an awesome idea for a Level or an Entity, make sure you know what you're getting into. We have two guides you should read first before following along with the Contributions guide, just below.

>The Comprehensive Level Guide
>The Complete Entity Guide

Follow the Templates

The Backrooms Wiki uses components and modules to display images, ratings, and other essential elements. Required modules and their code snippits are below:

There are specific layouts for Wiki submissions that should be followed. If you don't want to add modules manually, copy and paste the templates we've provided below! Only on rare occasion and with very good reason should you go against the template format for Levels or Entities. If you have a concept that needs artistic freedom completely outside of the Wiki templates you can write them - but they must be placed into Tales if they completely disregard the template. Expand the next collapsible to get ready-made templates for your sandbox, or look here:

Tips, Tricks and Polish

So you've read the Guides and grabbed a template, now it's time to write!

It's highly recommended you start a Sandbox

The Sandbox is a resource that lets you preview your work and see how it will display on the Wiki. While you're at it, if you're feeling like you could use some tips on your style we've provided a Writing Tips Guide chock full of resources for aspiring authors.

Push yourself for quality!

Proof read your entry multiple times. Fix grammar, spelling, and syntax.
Ruthlessly hunt down extra commas. Commas are sneaky and it's a common mistake to add too many.
Switch up your sentence structure! Pair a descriptive sentence with lots of commas next to a shorter, more direct sentence. Keep the flow of a paragraph interesting with different sentence structure, and your writing will feel more dynamic and engaging!
Expand the Lore with unique ideas, but keep things within the boundaries of the Backrooms Tone. There's no such thing as a bad idea, but there are ideas that just don't fit within the Wiki. If you have a good concept, flesh it out deeply and try to understand all of the ways your idea can influence, or be influenced, by the rest of the Lore.

And… Never write an Exit. The Backrooms cannot be escaped…

Use Nifty Formatting!

You can use Quote blocks, Collapsibles, Tabs and CSS to better organize your work or to add a little bit of flair to your entry. Examples of these are below for copying and pasting into your entry; but don't be afraid to get creative! We provide Code Snippets you can copy and paste, so don't be intimidated… you'll be a pro in no time!

A Quote Block:

This is a Quote Block!

You can add multiple lines
of text in one of these…
as well as images too!

How to Code it:
> These blocks are acheived
> by putting a ">" arrow before
> each line, like this!
> You can add line breaks by
> leaving a space, like that!
A Collapsible:
Other tricks:

Colored text is easy!

How to Code it:
##111111| Lorum Ipsum ##
##green| Lorum Ipsum ##

Tabs can organize content like filing.
Anything can be placed in a tab,
and they're great for your Sandbox.
Put as many tabs as you like!

All of this might seem overwhelming, but dont worry. Just write your draft first! Come back and reference this guide when you feel you need to add some formatting elements. You can spend all the time you need in your Sandbox playing with this code and learning how everything works.

Please remember to do all your editing in your Sandbox - the only thing you should be posting to the Wiki is complete, polished work.

Receiving Feedback

Alright, you've written a draft! Amazing!
But wait, you can't go ahead and post it just yet - you need to get some community feedback and critique.

The Backrooms Wiki follows a Greenlight Process before content can be displayed on the website. All submissions must go through community peer review and receive staff approval before you can post to the website. We want everyone to have equal opportunity to add their work to the Backrooms, but there is a level of quality that we uphold as a community. Don't worry, there are many places you can go to submit your work for review.

The most active peer review platform is our Discord Server! discord-ico.png

We have active staff and a growing community there who love to read new community content.

If you don't do Discord, we got you covered right here on the Wiki. Head to our forums for:

> Our front line Draft Critique
> The brainstorming lab, our Ideas Critique

Just be aware peer review might come a little bit slower on the forums. Head to Discord for real time engagement!

Once you've been approved with a Greenlight - you can post your work. To do so, head to the Levels List, the Entities List, or the appropriate hub for your entry and select an empty page - or, directly type in the URL of the page name you would like to add. You'll need to be a Wikidot Member first though.

Managing Pages

Keep the golden rule in mind: you are responsible for your page's quality. This means that you put as much effort as you can to make your page compelling, enjoyable, and - most of all - creepy.

It is imperative that you smooth and flesh out your entry before putting it anywhere near the Wiki. If it is clear that you're putting your best foot forward but still not getting anywhere, we're here to help! Engage in more community feedback, get critique, and keep practicing! If your page is rated in the negatives, read any discussion threads there, and take in the information and applicable critique.

We're all artists, writers, and avid readers here. Take critique with grace, and use it only as a tool to improve - never as a personal insult to your character. The only way to get better is to understand what you're doing wrong.

Keep in mind:

> Staff can see every time you update a page, so don't treat the Wiki like your sandbox. Page revisions should be done sparingly and only when required.

> Pages with ratings of -5 and lower are deleted. But, don't despair! You can take critique and re-write your entry to prevent deletion if you find yourself in this situation.

> There is additional info in the Guide Hub. This page has a lot of info, but there are still a more guides and policies you should be aware of.

> It's good practice to Bold your topic. If you're writing an Entity called a Scorcher, for example, every reference of the word Scorcher should be **bold** in your entry.

> If you're successful, you can make an Author Page! Author Pages are your chance to make a home in the Wiki, and consolidate your work. Apply once you have three or more successful entries.

And That's It!

Its quite a bit, but if you're serious about contributing, we're serious about seeing it. Happy writing, and if you still have questions, head over to our FAQ or message a Staff Member anytime!

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