Contest Entity-1 2020

Entity 1 Writing Contest COMPLETE

A huge thank you to everyone involved with the Entity 1 contest!

Attention all wanderers! The moment you've been waiting for is finally here: Entity 1 is coming to life! Thanks to the voting that took place in our Discord server, we got a tie vote between a power list and the Backrooms as a whole being Entity 1. Entity 0 has been designated the Backrooms, which leaves the spot of Entity 1 up for grabs!

The M.E.G. have decided the Entity 1 slot would best be used for documenting the most dangerous unconfirmed Entities. Your job is to create a proposal for this list. The Entity can be anything you want (as long as it fits in with the Backrooms tone!). There may be many contestants, but only 4 will be accepted as cannon Entity 1 proposals.

The winners will be decided on 8/23/2020. Submit your entry by then, no late entries will be considered.

How to submit:
1. Create your article. It must be named yourname-s-proposal Make sure to get it critiqued and greenlit.
2 Submit your entry. Once greenlit, post it. (DO NOT ADD IT TO ENTITY 1 YET.)
3. Tag it! We will know if your entry is part of the 2020 Entity 1 Contest if it is tagged with:


Rules: The Entry must be an Entity 1 proposal. It must be unconfirmed, but theorietically dangerous enough to be documented by the M.E.G. It must stick to the basic Entity template, and must justify why its an Entity 1 proposal. All images used must be CC-BY-SA, be in the public domain, or are used with permission from the creator. Group/co- writing will be allowed as long as proper credits are given.

Good luck! And watch your back…


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