Contest Deception 2020

Contest Ended

This contest has since been completed. Congratulations on our winners, 3rd Place: Tie between: Men of Letters Three & Level 68, 2nd Place: Entity 45 - "Stalkers" and 1st Place: Entity 50 - "The Numbed Man". Thank you to everyone that has entered, a new one will be starting soon!

2020 Contest - Deception

Attention all wanderers! The Backrooms Wiki is hosting its first ever CONTEST! You have 7 days to write an intriguing entry (entity, level, object, tale, etc.) that relates to the theme of this contest. This contest's theme is… Deception.

Betrayal, the frustration, the hopelessness. All things one may experience roaming the merciless backrooms. And even more so when one is deceived. Whether by a malevolent entity, the magnetic curiosity of a seemingly safe level, or a trick played on you by a former ally, we want you to write an entry all about lies and deception.

The winners will be decided on 6/12/2020. Submit your entry by then, no late entries will be considered.

How to submit:
1. Create your article. It can be anything (An entity, level, object, tale) as long as the core idea is deception. You have 7 days to make it, so take your time!
2 Submit your entry. Once you finish your draft, post it to the appropriate page listing (if applicable).
3. Tag it! We will know if your entry is part of the 2020 Deception Contest if it is tagged with:


Rules: Entry must be about deception. Highest rated page is the winner, staff will review and rate as well. Three winners will be decided on 6/12/2020, first second and third place. All images used must be CC-BY-SA, be in the public domain, or are used with permission from the creator. Group/co- writing will be allowed as long as proper credits are given.

Good luck! And watch your back…


Level 68 by Hexick
Entity 50 - "The Numbed Man" by 0ktober

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