Colias Kowalski
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Blurry sighting of Colias Kowalski in Level 102 alongside a colony of ants, taken by another member of Compass Point Team "Reed".

NAME: Colias Kowalski
ALIASES: 'The Ant Child', 'Ant Kid'
KNOWN AFFILIATIONS: Raised by a group of Wanderers in Level 11 for about three years.
LAST KNOWN LOCATION(S): Level 102, Level 401


Colias Kowalski, known by some wanderers as The Ant Child (as well as variants of such name), is a (as of writing) sixteen year old individual of Polish descent. Much of what we know about them, notably their history, comes from a group of Wanderers from Level 11 who had previously raised them. The M.E.G. thanks said Wanderers in helping us get this information on Kowalski.

Kowalski was first found by this group of Wanderers at nine years old, although the specific age they were when 'no-clipping' into the Backrooms is unknown. The Wanderers described their behaviour as "Quiet, but not unkind". It was also told that it should be noted that they had a difficult time socializing with kids their age at the time, which may have led them to where they are now.

At a certain point, when Kowalski was roughly around eleven years old, they had been reported missing. Specific date of disappearance is unknown, although search parties for them did take place over a period of time. This was also a short period where Ants were reported to be seen in Level 11, although this was temporary and no sightings of Ants have been found since then.

While Kowalski was assumed dead after search parties found no trace of them, Operative Reed L. of Compass Point Team "Reed" had come across an individual matching up the physical description and name of Colias1 years later, making it safe to assume that this was Kowalski themself. Asking to look more into Colias had caused word to spread around bases, which led to the information we know now from the wanderers of Level 11.

Since then, more sightings matching the physical description of Kowalski given to us by both past caretakers and Operative Reed himself2 had been reported alongside places where Ant sightings are also relatively common.

The M.E.G. is still actively looking into Kowalski and their current whereabouts.


This transcript has been cut to only show information relevant to this article.

Operative Reed: Hello? If anyone's here, we're not here to hurt you-
(Distant rustling can be heard)
Operative Reed: (Muttering to self) Remember Reed, stay calm. What can't see you can't hurt y-
???: Hi.
(Operative Reed jumps, but makes no further noise)
Operative Reed: Ah- hi- you're… You're just a kid? Wait- wait, hold on, do you mind giving me your name? That's important.
???: Is it?
Operative Reed: It's so we can identify you somehow, make sure there haven't been any reports of someone looking for you. Just incase.
Colias: Oh. You can just call me Colias then.
Operative Reed: Colias, huh? That's a nice name. Do you know how you got here? Someone like you shouldn't be in a place that can be so dangerous.
Colias: I'm here because my friends are.
(Rustling noises can be heard, slowly getting closer.)
Operative Reed: Well, pardon my rudeness- but your friends don't seem all that responsible-
(More rustling.)
Colias: I 'unno. They seem nice to me.
Operative Reed: Oh. Those- You're… aware of the Ants on you… Right kid?
Colias: …Yes…? They are my friends. They don't hurt you if you don't hurt them.

NOTES: Listen, we see a lot of shit here but I'm still left wondering what's up with that kid. Could we look more into this? - Operative Reed L.

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