Object 9 - "Coins"
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A typical coin. Note the rough texture and blank "design".

Coins are a form of 'currency' that can be used to obtain items from vending machine, and other coin operated machines in the backrooms.


Coins are small, thin chunks of rough metal that resemble coins, in both use and design. The face of the coins are blank, with no discernible features other than being the same size as an American 25ยข coin. They can be used in place of a Quarter in any situation that would normally call for one. Coins can be used to operate the washing/drying machines on Level 60, the vending machines on Level 4, and the arcade cabinets in Level 40.

Coins are not recognized as a currency in the backrooms, most people will refuse to accept them in trading offers. This is because they are extremely easy to come by on Level 60, and most machines that use them could just be broken open or used with regular Quarters. The most useful thing you can use coins for is as a method of distraction. Throwing one down a hallway could distract harmful entities, allowing you to escape.

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