coffee maker / nevermore (bonus track)
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[part i: making coffee at 3:12]

i turn the brewer on
with this moment of hesitance.
i conquer this hesitance
when i face away from disdain towards a cold, cold world
finding creamer, out of reach, though i find it anyways

like i should’ve me.

i never expected
my life to become an evergladen fantasy.
everything was planned out,
i became the figure of perfection, the early bird
master of the hollow willow shot.
all the pictures of the drawing were in place.
but like silk, it was smooth, at least
until temperance played its part.
youth comes and goes, always slipping away from me.

when did it leave?
oh, oh, perhaps i’ve seen it in the mirror,
reflecting onto me, all this time.
perhaps, it was simply the mirror image of me.

(it was you)

[part ii: nevermore]

I’m still in pain.
I still see your eyes.
They shine, oh they shine.
A diadem twinkles in the night sky, caked in the beauty of the stars.
Constellations of figures, inverted into darkness.
Thinking back, reflecting on the past, one moment, now gone.

I see a shine, an epiphany.
She still thinks of you, maybe you do too?
Someone’s son, now gone, sometimes, no, all the time.
You know Now time passes by and you’re gone,

She tried to make me happy.
She did everything to make me feel like I was content,
She tried to prove everything was okay, but she was walking on a trapeze.
She knew that wasn’t my intent.
I still see your smile in hers,
I still remember the way your name rolled off her lips,
I still remember the look you gave me, now it’s the worst,
I won’t stop it.
You were almost there, you almost saved the day,
You were almost my shining knight, wearing plated steel in freshwater seas.
You almost brought the daylight, the shining to the cliff fall, you almost stayed.
You could’ve stayed, but now you’ll never see her.

I still see your eyes, like deja vu in the sky.
She still thinks you’re alive, she still sees you all the time.
No one’s here, everyone is gone.
You’re gone, you’ll never return, not even in,

I stand looking out to the sea. She stands next to me, and assures me nothing is gone. Crowds dance around us, too busy to see the catastrophe in front of me. And you’re not here.

You’re not here.

I had this feeling when I awoke.
I predicted it, to this day.
She’s out of the picture, just you and me.
You stared at me that night, before you finally left me for,

coffee maker / nevermore (bonus track)

Meghan Remis
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