City Nights

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Level 11, November 11, 2021, 23:11

I find myself lost in thought, wandering the city streets,
I see wet asphalt, neon lights, colors echoing after nightfall
People roam around, and I wonder if the city ever sleeps
Electric concrete jungle, grey towers standing so tall

Closed doors, open windows and the smell of rain
Stories in the walls, in posters, storefronts, graffiti,
The sounds of chatter, cars, footsteps, filling my brain
Flowing through the streets, blood to the veins of the city

I look up, and there’s no stars on tonight’s sky
On the edge, the horizon, a skyline, gleaming light
The crumbling buildings speak of days gone by
The dirty streets tell me tales of the past night

Ahead of me lies only an empty, quiet street
An empty canvas waiting for works of art
And if you listen closely, you can hear the beat
Of the sprawling city’s ever-pulsating heart.

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