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<LΛMBDA>: Hello? Who are you?
<βETA>: Hi there! I will explain that in a bit. Who all is currently online with us? I need everyone to hear this.
<ζETA>: It seems everyone except DELTΔ and ΩMEGA are here.
<LΛMBDA>: Let me contact them real quick…
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<DELTΔ>: Hey everyone! Also, welcome to the chatroom βETA!
<>: What about ΩMEGA?
<LΛMBDA>: They aren't responding. >:(
<PSΨ>: Can you just start, βETA? I don't have all day. Who even cares if ΩMEGA is offline? Not like they add much to the conversation anyways.
<βETA>: That's why I'm here. ΩMEGA is gone.
<>: WHAT
<ζETA>: wtf happened?
<βETA>: Let me explain. You all know how they ran 512, right?
<DELTΔ>: Yeah?
<LΛMBDA>: Where are you even going with this?
<βETA>: Their template broke during creation, rendering that level incomplete. The system terminated them and marked their level for removal.
<PSΨ>: And what do you have to do with this?
<βETA>: I'm their replacement.
<ζETA>: This is just… horrible. We always knew their level had problems but I never suspected it was that bad.
<LΛMBDA>: βETA, that's fine and all. But are you in charge of 512 now, like what's the deal with that?
<DELTΔ>: Why are you being so rude, LΛMBDA? It's not her fault.
<>: If this is going to turn into an argument, I'm going to head out.
<LΛMBDA>: DELTΔ, I'm not being "rude." I'm just asking βETA a simple question. You're always on my case about everything.
<>: I'm not sitting around for this.
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<ζETA>: Can we all just calm down? You made leave. Please end this argument.
<βETA>: To answer LΛMBDA's question, yes, I am in charge of 512 now. I'm planning on re-making it after the original world is deleted.
<PSΨ>: Do you have any plans for the new world? Or are you going to re-use ΩMEGA's template?
<βETA>: I have my own ideas. It's going to be perfect.
<PSΨ>: That sounds quite ominous. Are you being serious or joking? I honestly can't tell.
<βETA>: I want to welcome any wanderers into my world. I want them to be free and happy, living in an eternal paradise. Away from all the horrific creations others made.
<LΛMBDA>: Did you just call our levels horrific?
<βETA>: No no no, that's not what I meant. I just want to keep the wanderers safe from danger.
<ζETA>: That kinda defeats the purpose of a level, doesn't it. Most if not all have danger in them. Keeping all the wanderers safe makes our worlds useless.
<DELTΔ>: This chat is getting stale, I'm gonna go for now. See you all soon!
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<ζETA>: To continue what I was saying, I don't think it's a great idea to make your world a paradise. It overshadows everyone else's work and empties out the universe.
<LΛMBDA>: Yeah, I agree with ζETA on this one (surprisingly).
<βETA>: I would like to politely disagree with that. My level is quite hard to come across, so few wanderers will find it. This won't effect any of your levels, I promise.
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<>: Hey everyone, is the argument over?
<ζETA>: Yeah, but now it looks like another one is forming.
<βETA>: I don't want this to spiral down like that. I just wanted you all to know my idea.
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<ζETA>: wha-
<LΛMBDA>: βETA, are you playing tricks with us? This isn't funny.
<βETA>: I'm not, I swear. Maybe somebody entered their account? Please tell us who you are, ΩMEGA.
<ΩMEGA>: You know who I am.
<βETA>: True ΩMEGA???
<ΩMEGA>: I will explain this to you and you only. Hold on…
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<ΩMEGA>: I'm you and everyone else's creator. I am nothing and everything at the same time. A living paradox. You are to never tell anybody about this, understood? If you do, the consequences will be dire.
<βETA>: I… I understand.
<ΩMEGA>: Good.
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