Coalition of Backrooms Survivors
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What is the Coalition of the Backrooms Survivors?

The Coalition of the Backrooms Survivors (CBS) is a union assembled from several Backrooms groups and located on Level 147. Many members of the organization were scientists and engineers in the past, and experts in their fields. Throughout the period of its existence, this organization figured out how to use a few objects of the Backrooms. The biggest discovery of the CBS is the setup of the Level Keys, which allowed them to access Levels that the M.E.G. can't get to. It is believed that there are about four-hundred (400) people in the group, but this information is not exact. This group is considered to be aggressive towards the M.E.G., and this is why we don't recommend you to involve with the members of the CBS.


A redrawing of the CBS logo, found in one of the outposts.


Members of the group, or the "CBS'ers", are always dressed similar to each other, but the main features of their wardrobe are Masks and yellow jackets with a picture of two Masks which is the emblem of the CBS. The look of the mask they wear depends on the status of it's carrier. They always appear in groups of two (2) to five (5) people that are well equipped, but still trying not to get in any open confrontations. They are usually neutral to wanderers if they are not M.E.G. operatives.
If a group meets an entity, they will try to capture it and leave the level after. Some researchers have claimed that the CBS'ers accompanied people or transported cargo with logos of other organizations. That means that they can be hired as couriers or bodyguards. They have been met on Level 147 most of the time, where their main base probably is, and this is why you shouldn't be on Level 147 for lon…

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