Caspian Langellier
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Name: Caspian Langellier

Aliases: "Backrooms Bard" (self-titled on occasion), "Casper" (informally)

Last known location(s): Level 1

Known Affiliations: None


An stylized portrait of Caspian; utilized here as he reportedly dislikes having his picture taken.

Caspian Langellier, typically referred to as "Caspian" or "Casper", is an 18-year-old male of Franco-American descent, recognizable by his generally androgynous appearance, with a pale complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair. Caspian wears a variety of clothing and carries a blue-colored backpack with him wherever he goes.

Much of Caspian's fame outside of M.E.G. expedition teams is owed to his prodigious musical talent, which he often utilizes during so-called "concerts". Typically, Caspian will abruptly decide to play a few pieces of music in a certain area, usually in what would generally be considered the central area of a settlement, before finding a comfortable position to lean or sit on. After this, he takes his flute out of his backpack, along with a portable digital speaker (typically in order to play along to a certain melody). Most frequently, a small crowd will gather to listen to melodies of many different kinds from the Frontrooms, as well as his own improvised songs. From observation, the general reaction to his music is a feeling of serenity, and Caspian has received high praise for his musical talent from those interviewed for this article.

He has been known to have played "concerts" in many populated areas of the Backrooms and is reported to have been recently seen making performances in M.E.G. bases several times, primarily the main bases on Level 1, Level 4, and Level 11.

There is another, more intriguing aspect to Caspian Langellier's musical talent—according to numerous sources, his music has a calming effect on conscious and semi-conscious lifeforms, especially those with violent or aggressive intentions or instincts. People listening to his performances have also reported feeling intensely negative emotions seemingly disappear in a manner that cannot be simply explained through Caspian's style of play.


Caspian's flute, a Yamaha FL-677.

Caspian was first brought to the attention of the M.E.G. when several eyewitnesses reported that while being chased by entities, they caught a glimpse of a brown-haired teenager matching Caspian's appearance playing an instrument nearby. As they came into the audible range of the music, they reported that the entities chasing them appeared to grow sluggish and become relaxed, often stopping in their tracks completely. The eyewitnesses themselves also reported feelings of numbness and relaxation during their ordeals, but all still remained aware enough to continue making their escape.

While Caspian's music has described by numerous sources as "intense", "enchanting", and "simply magical", examinations have shown nothing strange, altered, or otherwise anomalous about the qualities of his flute. Experiments have shown that recordings of Caspian's music fail to produce any kind of particular reaction from entities.

Due to this mysterious ability, Caspian, while residing or staying in the main bases of the M.E.G., has occasionally been asked to participate in expeditions into dangerous levels. He has typically tended to accept these requests, under 2 conditions;

1: Caspian is not officially a member of any kind of M.E.G. organization; he is an independent, unaligned figure, doing temporary volunteer work for the M.E.G. and is not beholden to any exclusivity agreement.

2: At minimum, the payment for Caspian's services is a large tin of shortbread, his favorite food. (He typically receives additional items.)

Several would-be entity attacks on scientific expeditions have been prevented as a result of Caspian's presence. Given Caspian's value to both the M.E.G. and wanderers as a whole, he has been designated a notable figure, and his safety has been made a priority of the group.


Caspian, outside of his performances, is often described as quiet, imaginative, and something of a romantic personality, in more ways than one. He also typically becomes much more avid and outgoing while discussing something in his direct interest, such as art, especially music. In public or at formal gatherings, he also appears much more polite and charismatic.

Within performances, Caspian displays a highly eager, passionate side of himself - many of his extroverted traits, well hidden in his typical shyness, exploding into life. He also appears to be very comfortable performing in front of a stage.

M.E.G. Interview with Caspian Langellier; recorded in order to gain extended firsthand information

Additional Information

  • Outside of accompanying expeditions, Caspian is, as aforementioned, typically either found on safer levels that have a permanent population, or otherwise occasionally found on semi-dangerous levels, reportedly to "find inspiration".
  • Caspian's singing voice, while not as effective as his usage of a flute, also seems to have a calming, relaxing effect on life-forms, suggesting that the calming effect of his music comes from his person rather than his instrument.
  • Along with his musical talent, Caspian claims to have been a practitioner of fencing before he entered the Backrooms. While this obviously cannot be confirmed, he does appear to be highly dexterous and agile.
  • Caspian speaks both fluent English and French, and while his word choice and slang is consistent with American English, he appears to speak with a slight French accent. Whether this is natural or purposeful is unknown.


Hey, Everyone! It's your Backrooms Bard here, Caspian.

The M.E.G. invited me to write this addendum - a message to any aspiring music artists, wherever you may be, within or without the backrooms. I wanted to rewrite the whole article (way too much seriousness up there), but they wouldn't let me, unfortunately.

Firstly, choose a instrument that really tickles your fancy. Do some research before you choose, preferably. There's nothing worse than getting an instrument only to realize it doesn't pique your interest, and that you'd rather have had a different one.

Secondly, practice, of course. But don't practice too much; from personal experience, practicing hours at a time over a few days quickly gets you burnt out. Just play consistently, for twenty to thirty minutes a day or so; quality over quantity is always best while practicing.

Thirdly, when you practice, sometimes it's cool to try and imagine one of the musical greats is watching you play, maybe for some sort of audition. I sometimes imagine that Louis Armstrong or Frank Sinatra is watching me while I play one of their songs; it makes it more exciting.

Finally, and most importantly, never lose hope. Even if you feel you're not good, or not improving, for as long as you can, keep going, and if you hold it in your heart, always, always, you'll realize that you're better than you know. Unless you truly know in your heart that it no longer brings you joy, don't give up on your instrument of choice.

Well, that all I have to say. Er, chase your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem (unless they cause serious danger to yourself). Maybe one day we'll have a full orchestra of musicians in the Backrooms. How crazy would that be?

- Caspian

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