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!captaiin's author page!


kono dio da >:]

ahoy, nerds! i'm captaiin, and i use she/her pronouns. i enjoy jojo's bizarre adventure, star wars, and shitty hawaiian shirts
if you wanna check out my drafts, head to my sandbox over here !

!!posted work!!


Even you! You who hurt us so so badly still have a place in our heart ♡


In general, this job doesn't pay nearly enough for what I have to do, but I have a fairly nice setup for while I'm stuck here.


Joey, seething, stood from the still corpse of what once was a creature they seemed to recognize. A piece to the puzzle of their memories that they still couldn't remember, and never would be able to.

He wouldn't abandon this yearly ritual until the Backrooms finally claimed the last thing he had.

All of the victim's belongings were taken by the M.E.G for safekeeping.

thanks for checking out my funny lil author page!! have a good day :]

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