When wandering throughout The Backrooms, some things may simply not make sense. A note from an unknown source documenting destruction, a Level which feels too reminiscent of certain events. No matter what, it's impossible to deny the fact that stories exist. It's not that we don't acknowledge these stories and events, it's the fact that they dip into each other, shatter each other's tales, breaking away at what founded these stories in the first place. They break laws established early on, and they show no indication of stopping.

Collected below are documents unearthed about each canon. If you wish to contribute to one, read the works under them first to get an understanding of what each represents. If you show interest in forming your own canon, check the bottom of the page for a guide.


The line between technology and magic has blurred within The Backrooms, and now everyone is at an arms race to acquire the most weaponry the fastest. Everyone has a fair chance, and the war between The Splinter and The M.E.G. has just begun. But what about Backrooms Robotics involvement…

Yesterday, I found something. The Backrooms internet is actually an intranet, locked down by a firewall. But if I can find some really obscure website that the backrooms hasn't blocked, I can communicate with The Frontrooms.

We will communicate with them, and finally find a way to escape…
From "Greyscale: Introduction" by Aether48.

The Blackfire Chronicles

This canon is built around the idea of a Backrooms quickly tumbling into ruin. The pockets of civilization in the already bleak chaos that is this place are losing control, slowly but surely, as those who lead these scattered groups and imposing factions scramble to keep things in order, to prevent their assured fall from grace. The people of the Backrooms know the future looks bleak, they know they're destined for an even worse hell than the one they've come to know. And they know because those who've said as much have been proven correct in the past…

The atmosphere in the diner felt heavy as a peculiar figure walked in and headed towards the bar. Tom watched as a woman sat down at the bar, trying her best to ignore the sideways glances she was getting from some of the other patrons. She over eight feet tall, with charcoal skin and hair, piercing white eyes, and horns like that of a ram. Her attire resembled a tattered, blackened military uniform that may have once belonged to a Cartographer, sewn patches haphazardly strewn about the outfit in question to keep it from falling apart…
From "Last Call at Tom's Diner" by Kosef Sturre.

The Council

This canon goes into the mysteries of Level 777, specifically, the Morgana Council. This canon goes into the many deep secrets they hold, alongside the stories they hide. This canon will touch many corners of The Backrooms, as well as make you learn things you never wished to learn in the first place…

I stopped typing for a moment. A singular pause before my fingers remembered they could move. Despite that, I did not type right away. My fingers paused their delicate strokes as I pondered what I just said. On one hand, it felt so weird writing as if this was a story, but on the other, it felt so wrong to change anything I written. After considering for a while, I lifted my fingers and stroked away at the keys once more; this time cautious of the sound created by the taps.
With love,
Saoirse Morgana.
From "The Forgotten Forest" by YellowISlol.

Omenscript Verses

Blanche Von Haderach strives to make the knowledge stored in the Cygnus Archive accessible to everyone, by creating a language that can be understood by all: Omenscript. However, 1012 years into the future, that same knowledge resurfaces, thwarting the plans of a mysterious group known as The Future Imperfect…

Many Groups are coming your way. Dangerous ones. It will be scary but you will hold your ground. I for one, had brought a horrible presence upon your library. They are from the far future. And they are strong. Fierce warriors that will stop at nothing for their perfect future. Even at the costs of ruining others. We are known as The Future Imperfect. We thought it was the only way… that the people deserved to be down here. I thought it was the only way.

From "Milly's Note" by SnomWriting and Stretchsterz.

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