When wandering throughout The Backrooms, some things may simply not make sense. A note from an unknown source documenting destruction, a Level which feels too reminiscent of certain events. No matter what, it's impossible to deny the fact that stories exist. It's not that we don't acknowledge these stories and events, it's the fact that they dip into each other, shatter each other's tales, breaking away at what founded these stories in the first place. They break laws established early on, and they show no indication of stopping.

Collected below are documents unearthed about each canon. If you wish to contribute to one, read the works under them first to get an understanding of what each represents. If you show interest in forming your own canon, check the bottom of the page for a guide.

Children of the Void

The Children of the Void Canon (COV for short) details the adventures of the powerful and immortal level-creating beings of the same name as they try and manage the responsibility of keeping their fragile levels balanced and stable. There are seven COV in total, and they all have the power to create and destroy their own levels of the Backrooms. Born from a cold and unfeeling void, the COV are desperate to create, create, and create to fill the emptiness that awaits them if they fail.

He would keep this Gardener’s Sorry close to his heart for the rest of his days. Even if he never ceased to disappoint, at least he could remember the time before his mistakes. He could remember the brilliant villages that rose from the ground, marvelous combinations of stone and wood. He could remember the lush trees, vibrant and variegated, swarming with life, peaceful and innocent. That brief halcyon of temporary happiness, the paradisal second, the idyllic dream, the beautiful green sky before a tornado, the light before an angler fish’s jaws, it would stay with him forever in memory.

From "Architects of a Waking World: Origins" by Kitty Rika


How would you react if your whole world was jeopardized? If every single bit of your reality crumbled in front of you piece by piece, what would you do? What could you do?

The inhabitants of The Backrooms face these questions. Strange, black patches of void begin spreading all around the confines of The Backrooms, eating away at several years of progress, history, and the lives of thousands of people trapped in this dimension.

Is there an end to the spread? Can the inhabitants of The Backrooms triumph over the greatest threat they have ever faced in their lifetime?

Or will they be cast into oblivion, consumed by the Decay, never to be seen again?

"No, n-no, you shouldn't b-be here! What in the se-seven blazes are you doing he-here as well!?" He said, shaking more than before.

"What's the matter Jo? Do you know what that thing is?" She said calmly, getting closer to it and placing her hand near it. "It's pretty cool, right?" she said again. Oh how naive she was, he thought to himself.

"No, n-not in the slightest, Freya. That t-thing shouldn't be here, it should've s-stayed where I found it!" He said, pointing at the thing with a fearful look on his face, and slowly backing away.

There, in that oh-so accursed corner, stood the same patch of cold, hazy, darkness he had seen a few weeks prior. No sound, no movements, no nothing; and that was the problem. This thing, now served him as a realization, that his previous judgements and fears were correct.

Something terribly, terribly, evil had just begun to take place.

From 'Something strange, in the neighbourhood' by ArgonMighty.


Something rotten has corrupted those in the Backrooms. The already corrupt company Backrooms Robotics faces a difficult new overtaker. The M.E.G. has split in two, and the Splinter becomes a fierce new enemy. Tensions rise, and they soon break.

But none of that matters, as life as we know it will soon be tested when Backrooms Robotics brings humanity to the brink of extinction. Hold your friends close, and your enemies closer, as the world crumbles around you.

The group known as Backrooms Robotics has recently performed a number of raids on multiple factions, the Major Explorers Group is now appealing to all wanderers and former members of the aforementioned factions to join us in this time of need.

Despite what many may say, standing together is the only way to overcome this crisis. Together we have surmounted many dangers and this one is no different from any of those.
From Industrialization Preamble by Pandshark71004 and VivamusLudio

Omenscript Verses

Blanche Von Haderach strives to make the knowledge stored in the Cygnus Archive accessible to everyone, by creating a language that can be understood by all: Omenscript. However, 1012 years into the future, that same knowledge resurfaces, thwarting the plans of a mysterious group known as The Future Imperfect…

Many Groups are coming your way. Dangerous ones. It will be scary but you will hold your ground. I for one, had brought a horrible presence upon your library. They are from the far future. And they are strong. Fierce warriors that will stop at nothing for their perfect future. Even at the costs of ruining others. We are known as The Future Imperfect. We thought it was the only way… that the people deserved to be down here. I thought it was the only way.

From "Milly's Note" by SnomWriting and Stretchsterz.


This canon will follow the efforts of the group known as "The Masked Maidens" on their mission to cleanse the corruption of the different groups of The Backrooms — mainly the M.E.G. — from the supposedly virtuous values they claim to uphold. Each of the members wear a 'Mask' that not only conceals their identity, but also affects the user in a variety of powerful and dangerous ways.

They work in the shadows and accept new members when they find and use such masks. There will be stories detailing the feats of many members of the Masked Maidens in their quest to stop the spread of corruption; triumphs against evil and displays of courage are plentiful, but so are losses at the hands of forces of those most corrupt…

I hold no doubt that you have been notified of the ‘Masked Maidens’, all of those at your position are, and for good reason: They are a threat to your security. Your society built on lies has been outed as the corrupt establishment which it truly is, and they are the ones who will topple it over when the time comes to do so. The clock ticks towards your eventual demise, and you are spearheading the losing army.
From "Level 204 - The Grand Jungle" by ArgonMighty.

Terror Hotel

Wanderers flock to the belly of the beast in search of their own goals and accomplishments, only to be disappointed when they find that when they poke the sleeping dog, it awakes to bite them. Those experienced enough in the games The Backrooms play know not to approach the Terror Hotel, for they value their lives most dearly.

Yet, the intrigue of the mysteries the hotel holds still attract visitors to it. Unknowing victims to a fate worse than death pour in on the daily to be swallowed up by forces beyond measure, and they show no sign of stopping.

This is my hotel. My domain, if you will. Nice, isn't it? I hope it didn't give you too much trouble. Having ran a place like this for so long, I try my best to keep it in its best shape.

You're scared, aren't you? That's alright. I can't imagine what you might've gone through to get here. How about this- I can help you. Let's strike a deal, you and I. It'll be our little secret. You just have to do a few things for me, nothing too difficult… And I promise you'll never have to feel that fear ever again.
From "Entity 18 - The Beast of Level 5" by ratscrapz.

The Council

This canon goes into the mysteries of Level 777, specifically, the Morgana Council. This canon goes into the many deep secrets they hold, alongside the stories they hide. This canon will touch many corners of The Backrooms, as well as make you learn things you never wished to learn in the first place…

I stopped typing for a moment. A singular pause before my fingers remembered they could move. Despite that, I did not type right away. My fingers paused their delicate strokes as I pondered what I just said. On one hand, it felt so weird writing as if this was a story, but on the other, it felt so wrong to change anything I written. After considering for a while, I lifted my fingers and stroked away at the keys once more; this time cautious of the sound created by the taps.
With love,
Saoirse Morgana.
From "The Forgotten Forest" by YellowISlol.

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