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First Place:
  • The Winning Team, with a score of 45.5.
Second Place:
  • Squid Game, with a score of 23.6.
Third Place:
  • The Hounds (furries), with a score of 23.5.

Thank you to everyone who decided to participate! This wouldn't have been possible without you.

What is this?

This is the Canon Contest 2024, aka Canonicon! This is the first community contest of 2024, and the focus of it is the wiki's various canons, different interpretations of the Backrooms' lore and themes.

While the canons have been instrumental in the development of the wiki's current Backrooms universe, nearly all of them are sadly inactive at this stage and are no longer maintained. This contest will see each team revitalize an old canon and bring it back to the Backrooms forefront!

How do I enter?

This contest is a team contest. To start, you need to form a team with at least one other person. You can accept more people into your team until the posting period begins, but you have to stay within the maximum number of 5 people! Every member has to post a page, or they are kicked off of the team!

Everybody on your team has to have already posted a page on the site that has survived with a positive rating for 24 hours.

Contact a staff member to apply for a team. If you don't hear a response, you can contact more than one, but don't spam. Include in your message:

  • A team name (optional)
  • The canon you want to develop
  • A small blurb detailing your intentions for the canon and introducing yourselves
  • The members of the team

Canons are given to teams on a first-come-first-serve basis, so choose carefully! If a team has already taken the canon you really wanted to work on, ask them if you can join, or choose a different canon.

Teams will only begin to be accepted 24h into the writing period, so when this page is 24 hours old, you may apply.

If you have ownership over a canon, you aren't allowed to join its respective team, but we implore you to join another.

If any abuse happens within teams during the contest, don't wait until the end of the writing period and/or contest to let the staff team know, so we can sort it out with enough time to spare for you to participate in the contest!

How do I post?

When you assemble your team and apply for it with staff, we will create a block for you on this page. When a user from the team posts a page for the contest, it'll automatically show up on the list.

To post a page for the contest, make a page and give it the tag canonicon2024. Please don't make any pages with this tag until the contest's posting period starts, or you'll be disqualified from the contest!

You don't need a greenlight to post for the contest. When the posting period begins, we'll add a new posting password, canonicon2024. That won't work until the posting period, however, and any sneaky use of it to post pages outside of the contest, without proper posting procedure, will be met with disciplinary action!

Other Rules

  • Your team can submit as many articles as they'd like, but each team member must submit at least one as the primary author (i.e. the person who actually posts the page to the site). Collaborations still count towards this but only for the person who posted the page.
  • The score of each article will be based purely on their rating at the end of the voting period.
  • Editing your articles after they are posted is allowed, if needed.
  • Any attempts to give yourself an unfair advantage will result in disqualification. What counts as this will be decided by staff on a case-by-case basis. If you aren't sure if something counts as this, please ask staff.
  • All entries must be posted during the designated "Posting Period". Any articles posted before or after this period will not count as entries in the contest.
  • Please set the parent page of your article to this page for the duration of the contest by going to + Options > Parent on your page. Staff will remove the parent after the voting period has ended.
  • If a canon allows for canon-crossing you may do it, but your team's pages should very much remain focused on the canon.
  • The winning team's members will each get to pick an article in the April feature cycle. An additional feature may be added if there are 5 members in the team. If there are less than 4 members, the remaining features will be chosen as normal.
  • The team's score is the average rating of the top-rated 50% of their articles. If there is an uneven number of articles, it'll tend towards including more than 50%, not less.

Allowed Canons

These are the canons you're allowed to form your team around for the contest. This includes all of the canons from the canons hub except for the Pantheon canon, as it has a large base of contributors and does not need to be revived. The list also includes some other canons that are not yet large enough to be added to the canons hub.

  • BLACK!KNIGHTS is about entities known as the Black Knights.
  • Blackout is about the electricity and light in the Backrooms disappearing. (See also: AVOID ARTIFICIAL LIGHT)
  • The Council is about a council of gamblers, revolving around Level 777.
  • Children of the Void is about the titular group.
  • Decay is about a phenomenon known as decay that's eroding the Backrooms.
  • Desolation is an alternate version of the Backrooms with a limited scope and a focus on liminal horror.
  • Industrialization is about a group known as Backrooms Robotics industrializing the Backrooms, the challenges they face, and retaliation from other groups.
  • Simulation is one user's backstory for the Backrooms and focuses on humanity.
  • Terror Hotel is about the staff and other horrifying features of Level 5.
  • UN!MASKED is about a group known as the Masked Maidens and their endeavours.

Contest Dates

Jan 29th 2024

Assemble your teams, this is the Writing Period!

Mar 4th 2024

You can start to post your pages, or keep writing.

Mar 18th 2024

[CURRENT] All pages must be posted by this date. Voting continues.

Mar 25th 2024

The voting is concluded and the winners announced!

  • Jan 29th - Mar 3rd (5 weeks) — The Writing Period: During this time, no articles may be posted, but you should work on writing and perfecting your articles.
  • Mar 4th - Mar 17th (2 weeks) — The Posting Period: During this time, all articles submitted for the contest will be posted. You may still work on your writing during this period.
  • Mar 18th - Mar 24th (1 week) — The Voting Period: During this time, no more articles may be posted. This period exists so that articles that are added later can still rack up points.
  • Mar 25th — End of the contest: Winners will be announced. The winners' articles of choice will be featured on the home page on March 1st as the features of February.

All contest dates are based on "Anywhere on Earth", meaning that if the Posting Period is active in any time zone, posting is allowed.


Freesmart Casino of Awesomeness - The Council

scutoid studiosscutoid studios DrBobtailDrBobtail BUBBLINGBEACHBUBBLINGBEACH

"Scutoid, you're an alternate!"
We want to revive one of the deadest canons out there, The Council. Not a single page in years, hasn't even been on the canon hub in a long time.
We want to go into the origins of the Morgana Council and develop more of a narrative for the canon and to incorporate other groups.


The Hounds (furries) - Desolation Canon

JustazappyratJustazappyrat centurys lutecenturys lute FrrixyFrrixy LiminalDoctorLiminalDoctor

We want to expand upon the canon's lore and its liminal aspect.
We also want to put some more focus on the personal side of Desolation canon, wherein humanity and the self are slowly lost without even being aware of such.


Back in Black - Blackout Canon

Spectre48Spectre48 Sky3Sky3 PrinceBunPrinceBun, DecemberDeclineDecemberDecline

Currently the intentions we have are flushing out the very sparse lore of the canon, which in this state is just "oh wow the lights turned out." The lack of a backbone detracts a lot from the canon, so we want to give it more substance through any means possible.


The Winning Team - Decay

r a t i fr a t i f (Captain) DivineAtlasDivineAtlas SchulzenreichSchulzenreich noah rabenoah rabe

We are going to win. Well, we'll also expand the scale of Decay. Y'know, talk about the effects it has all across the Backrooms instead of just some peeps?


Squid Game - Terror Hotel

Praetor3005Praetor3005 Nikuchan Nikuchan VivamusLudioVivamusLudio GreencellGreencell SariastuffSariastuff

The Terror Hotel has worldbuilding, a lot actually: monsters, places… yet we don't have stories on there. We plan on creating an overall narrative using the worldbuilding pieces in order to create a compelling story and reveal some important elements of the canon.



aster_argyleaster_argyle ReyDayReyDay Univ - Wise ExplorerUniv - Wise Explorer Venomous mount Venomous mount LiurniaLiurnia

The Industrialization canon is one of our favorite canons, and we think it is a very interesting premise to write an article around. We plan on extending the idea of the Inuds canon and adding more EPIC LOREEEEEEEEEEE to it in the attempt to revive it.


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