Butterfly Flight
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The following is intercepted files from the computer of Stretch Zimals. Certain points have been removed for brevity and protection. The Archivist Team will decide what to do with this shortly.

From: Stretch Zimals
To: Amelia Vane
Subject: Poetry?
Date: Irrelevant
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Someone sent me this? Is there any real reason why I have this? They said it was from you, I don't know why. In any case, this looks important. Please reply promptly, as this is of high urgency.

Stretch Zimals - Head of Public Relations for The Morgana Council
Take your risk

Blue Bird,
Such a pretty
Bird I can see. Its wings begin
To flap, before it begins to
A newer thing. It begins to
Change, neither good
Nor bad. It simply
Never has.

The Bird
No longer feels.
It has no heart, nor does
It have any will to fulfill.
It has
A single new purpose. It will
Always become the one
Which causes pain
To all.

Once it
Begins to fly
Oh so very high in
The sky, it never stops to think
"What would
Happen if I were to fall down,
Oh so very far down?"
It should have thought
Some more.

As it
Began to stretch
Its most magnificent
Wings, a single beam of light began
Towards its gentle side. It did
Not know how to react.
It simply began
To fall.

It does
Not need to care
About this one simple
Fall. Birds always fall at some times.
But even
So, The Blue Bird never fell before.
It was not used to the
Way it felt. The
Bird fell.

As the
Sun Began to
Set on the cold chaos,
The Blue Bird no longer felt safe.
It called
On its most loyal followers.
But they refused to come.
They lost faith in
The Bird.

The Bird
No longer held
The power it needed
To protect itself from
The dangers which lay in plain view.
No one
Felt the need to help something so
Hopeless. They all gave up
On the one they
Called God.

The last
Days for The Bird
Began arising at fast
Pace. As the final curtain fell,
The Bird
Smiled. It had once held the power.
Then it lost everything.
One last breath, then
Came death.

From: Amelia Vane
To: Stretch Zimals
Subject: re: Poetry?
Date: Irrelevant

I am unaware of the context of this poetry, but it appears somewhat important. The butterflies have me worried, this may have something to do with that Bluebird. I'll look into it, TEM-1 may be helpful.

Amelia Vane: Head of Project TEM-1
Innovation now into the future, one step at a time.

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