But Hope Brought It Back
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My dear, I will always welcome you back into my home. You need not worry about these "Visionaries" anymore. I had never intended for you to Witness the Beyond, but fortunately, it seems you overcame that struggle. You've been gone for many years, during that time I've been rather lonely. The wanderers who stop by for tea are quite nice, but I truly miss the companionship pets provide. I must say, however, I am curious about the whereabouts of this "temporary safety" of yours. I've never heard of anything like it.
When you're ready, swipe your paw along my signature. I will welcome you with open arms, Berry.


That was the letter that appeared in her book. My time with those Visionaries will finally be over, permanently. I can finally relax and bask in the warm sunlight while laying on a chair. I will finally be able to live the rest of my existence in peace. I have no words to describe the happiness I felt when reading Blanche's letter. I was worried she would be mad at me for running away, but she forgave me. I'm saying this as a final goodbye to not just My Worshipers, but the rest of The Backrooms as a whole.

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