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> Hi !! I'm BEACH. I use he/him pronouns, and I'm an artist around these parts.
Welcome to my CYAN ZONE !! I'm using this place as a storage compartment for some of my Backrooms-related artworks.
I promise there wasn't much here before—just this big sea back here and these defunct COMMAND TOWERS I haven't a clue what to do with. Hardly a good place to grow anything in, especially not palms.


Besides the readily apparent interest, I have also lingered on SCRATCH way longer than any self-respecting artist should be and continue to obsess over (and make) obscure animated series lore. I have logged more hours of YUME 2KKI than any video game I have ever paid money for.

I joined this site around June of 2021, which has been quite the TIME if I do say so myself. While I have authored two ARTICLES in my time here, I spend a lot more of it making fan (and original!) Backrooms art, because you all have AWESOME IDEAS and make REALLY GOOD STORIES.
It's the least I can do, really.

What follows is a collection of my Backrooms art, organized in each category by (roughly!) chronological order. Browse as you wish !!
Also, just in case— slight eyestrain & blood warnings for some of these pieces !!


Fanart of other Wikidot articles and characters. I've linked their inspirations in each description—do give them a read if you have the chance !!


Art of my original Backrooms characters, who as of current occupy a good quarter of my thought processes at any given moment.

Oh? You're still here?
Well, if you're interested in what else I'm up to elsewhere—I do upkeep several other ZONES scattered throughout cyberspace, accessible via the IMAGE HYPERLINKS below. Feel free to visit anytime! (If you do require my attention, feel free to ping me in the TS server. I'm usually close by.)

Thanks again for popping by— take care now !!



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These arts were brought to you by BUBBLINGBEACHBUBBLINGBEACH
Beach trivia: These zones here aren't all there are. How quaint!

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