It was almost like the walls were twitching, the tunnel behind us was caving in on itself, we were forced to, i mean, turning back meant certain death, he was shouting at me, light sources from deep around were being born anew only to be abolished before even taking their first breath.

The tension was ever so present even after the dust had settled down, our hearts started racing yet again after being greeted with a familiar sight. The imagery was simple, another complex of concrete halls, an enigmatic layout presented in front of us, one thing was for certain, there was no turning back. He decided to take a photo, almost as if that meant something. Was it calming… Or unpleasant?

The fact that someone had placed a metal hurdle of some sort in the exact path we were heading. Was it to keep us out, or perhaps to keep something in? After we gathered our senses and had some time to breathe, we carried on traversing.

But something was off, we thought we had things under control, it was becoming more clear, we were the prey, it was still watching us from behind. The temporary comfort we found was shattered by the noise of a light flickering violently. A sudden lack of confidence had started to raise as our chances of survival diminished by the Hikari's presence. Level 2.5, not even once without Almond Water.

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