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Heyo! I'm BlueSignet. I've been writing for a long time! I have a Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing, and I've had many, many writing-related jobs.

This page holds the pages I've written for the Backrooms. Take a look, leave a vote, and tell me what you think!

Here's my sandbox site if you want to take a look at what I'm working on:


Entity 46 - "Lucky Cranes"

My first entity. I wrote it because there wasn't a mosquito-equivalent entity in the Backrooms. A mild nuisance that could quickly become deadly if gone unmanaged. Also, I'm pretty good at origami, so I wanted to show off my skillz by folding my own models.

Entity 398 - "The Wild Hunt"

My Classicon entry. I wrote it because I do like murder monsters, but I wanted to give them a more modern twist. Yes, they hunt down humans, but not because they're mindless machines of destruction. They're hunting the most dangerous game. Hee hee, and their page number is a reference to the call number of fairy tales and mythology being 398 in the Dewey Decimal System.


How to Critique

As part of the Guide and Critique Team, I noticed that there weren't a lot of guides and some people didn't critique because they didn't know how. I've tried to fix both problems with this guide, having experience being a writing tutor and a Greenlighter myself.


Level 228 - "Maze of Mirrors"

My first level! I was very excited to finally get a crack at the most popular category on the site. It started with an idea of "The Man Who Died 1000 Deaths." Of course, I had to answer the question, "How did he get that way?" Mirrors that connect you with every possible version of yourself apparently.


Phenomenon 37 - "Generosity"

My first article ever. Posted during the Phenomena Contest. My idea behind this one was the idea that in video games, you get a suspicious amount of supplies before bosses or hard levels. So, this is that, but in the Backrooms! But obviously, since it's the Backrooms, there are fates worse than death, which is why there's a third option.

Phenomenon 16 - "Destabilizing Storms"

Second phenomenon. I based it off a book I read Storm Thief by Chris Wooding. I wanted to go into the more horror aspects of it, but it ended up being a little bit more subtle. It's solid in my eyes, and working with scutoid studiosscutoid studios on the CSS was a blast!

Person of Interest

Herne the Huntmaster

Master of the Wild Hunt, I wanted to do a page for this guy. I wasn't sure if he could be a POI or perhaps Entity 398.1, but regardless, he intrigued me. Praetor pushed me a bit toward POI, and so he became one. I didn't like the typical format of a POI, so I attempted to do a monologue instead.


Letter from the One You Left Behind

This started as a level that looked like an internet café from the 2000s. It was supposed to be a place that could connect to the Frontrooms and cause all sorts of problems, but I ended up hating that concept. So, it became a tale from the perspective of someone who lost a loved one to the Backrooms. It was longer, but I felt like it was just droning on and on. So I cut it down to 100 words, and it became a drabble!

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