Blessing Of Antiquaunum
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Note: This is a part of The MitM series. This occurs before the first entry and is a prelude of forms. It explains what happens in the first and why.

The fire burnt in broken peace. The fireplace sat against the brick wall - which spiralled ever higher. The wooden table lay to the left wall and opposed the wooden door. Around the table were nine chairs - scattered at seemingly random spots. The handle shook - before opening to reveal eight figures dressed in blackened robes. They took their place, leaving the ninth chair, which was positioned at the end of the table. The first figure brought gold, the second brought chains forged of steel, the third brought diamonds, the fourth brought a dagger, the fifth brought ichor, the sixth brought a black leather book, the seventh brought a black box, and the eighth brought an unconscious man.

The figures went to work - the first placing the gold into the burning flames -the second tieing the man with chains - the third scattering diamonds across the room - the fourth blessing the dagger in the fifth ichor - the sixth placing the leather book onto the table and the seventh placing the box on the ninth chair. Then all returned to their seats except for the fourth who stood above the man on the table and grabbed the book. A loud bang rang out - as the now awoke man attempted to free himself from the chains. Quickly the fourth plunged the dagger into the man's heart - causing them to cry before falling into silence. The fourth then took the dagger. Cutting into the man, pulling out his heart.

The fourth then took the heart and placed it into the black box. They clamped it shut before throwing it into the flames. The blaze wrapped upwards - contorting into an orb that drifted into the dead man's chest. The corpse moved its hands - its eyes opening to reveal a burning flame inside them. They stood up before taking sitting on the ninth seat. The ninth then spoke, "These flames decay - for your honour in giving me this vessel - I shall give you anything you wish for - one thing - anything that could be a singular concept. It could be alive - conceptual or impossible.". To which the first responded, "We wish for The M.E.G. to last forever - across time and realms. Through war and peace - until the end of time itself." before standing and approaching the ninth. The ninth looked up to the first, smiling, before saying, "Very well then… this offering shall bless. But - I shall receive a sacrifice each year. To walk again - long after this corpse decays. Now, what do the rest of you want?".

The second then said, "I wish to be capable of magery - is this possible?". To which the ninth responded, "Granted - your power shall bend beneath all worlds. This will be covered by the sacrifice for the first wish." The room then went silent before the third spoke, "I want wealth - money beyond all other." before turning to face the ninth. The ninth sighed before nodding in response - causing a ruby to fall at the third's feet. The fourth remained silent - not wishing for anything. Then the fifth stood saying, "I wish to find love that never ends until one of us dies." before returning to their seat, to which the ninth merely nodded - bored by the weakness of these wishes. The sixth then spoke - compassion in their voice, "I wish to be famous - a vessel of fame and honoured by all who witness me." to which the ninth nodded yes. The seventh then stood before saying, "I wish to lead a powerful team - known for their war strength and intelligence in war." to which the ninth simply stated, "yes".

The eighth paused before stating, "I want to know how The M.E.G. will end.". The room dropped silent before all but eighth and ninth laughed - clearly, the first's wish would've been enough. To this, the ninth smiled before saying, "One will forge a robot - decorated green and yellow. This being will have love and compassion and will release what you have done. Creating a nation and declaring war on you. From which - they will save a sacrifice - causing your wish to become invalid and leading to your loss in the war.". After this, the ninth vanished - leaving the rest discussing this revelation.

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