The Blackout

“What if darkness engulfed the Backrooms?”


It is the single most important necessity for every single wanderer in the Backrooms. It is the very reason civilization can survive and thrive within this nightmarish hellscape. Fortunately, there seems to be an abundance of it. From loud fluorescent lights to strange suspended disco balls, from looming suns to crackling fires, it seems that almost everywhere you look, you can find the light.

But what if all that were to change?

LOG-074 - 1/24/20?? - 02:35:21

<Begin Log>

???: Hey, so this is, um, uh Mark from the-

[Distant screaming can be heard.]

Mark: Uh, I'm from, I mean I live in M.E.G. base Alpha, and I don't know what's going on, and-

[An object falls and makes a loud clattering noise.]

Mark: Uh, well, the lights went out, and I don't know what's going on, and so, um-

[Considerably louder screaming accompanied by an inhuman wail can be heard.]

Mark: On Level 1 the lights are out. Uh, stuff's going really bad here, and, um, so I think I'll just-

[A loud crash can be heard.]

Mark: [Unintelligible] of it after I deal with this. The battery on this, uh, this log recorder, it's pretty low, so I'll have to conserve powe-

<End log>

door_white.pngBACKDOOR Backrooms' #1 Chat & Forum

> Public Chatroom 4

[user45738321953]: asdjfhhdfjghhhhhhhhhhhh
[buknoi]: ??
[for_what]: hey so the power just went out
[buknoi]: wait what?
[for_what]: all the lights went out and my computer charger isn't worling
[Simping4DaSquidMan]: What level are you on?
[for_what]: lvl 4
[tgochiFan30]: weird
[buknoi]: the power just went out for me as well
[buknoi]: i'm in lvl1
[plus_one_card]: Ong same
[HarryPotterAndTheAudacityOfSmilers]: same im also in lvl 1 and the lights are out
[BlancheJoinsFightClub]: Same thing happened to me!
[BlancheJoinsFightClub]: Hey, since we won't be using computers for the foreseeable future, do you guys finally want to play cards with me?
[buknoi]: no
[for_what]: no
[plus_one_card]: no
[tgochiFan30]: no
[Simping4DaSquidMan]: no
[HarryPotterAndTheAudacityOfSmilers]: no
[BlancheJoinsFightClub]: Goddammit.
[Connection lost. Reconnect?]
[Failed to reconnect. Try again?]

Dakota stared at the screen, frozen.

"What do we do now!?" Alex shouted at the top of hir lungs. "Fuck! Fuck! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! More Entity attacks!?"

"Shut up! Shut the fuck up and let me think!" Dakota screamed. "It's five in the fucking morning for god's sake."


"Alright, so we have two options. The first one is to wait for this shit to blow over. The second one is to head to Level 11." ve declared proudly. "I'm so good at stuff like this."

"You smug bastard. Stop acting like you're the king of the world." Alex spat. "I say we stay here. I'm not risking my life just for a chance to get out of this dark hellhole."

"Alright, I'll do whatever you want."

LOG-01- 3/12/20?? - 013:02:24

<Begin Log>
???: Hello, my name is Reagan Cohen, uh, and I am recording the- this log, because I want to document and research this phenomenon.

Reagen: The phenomenon in question is the loss of power throughout the backrooms.

[A loud bang followed can be heard.]

???: Shit- Reagen, you might, uh, you might want to come see this.

Reagen: Uh, coming. Anyways, I've noticed over the past few days, this sort of, uh vegetation. Some sort of moss or something. It's been spreading more throughout Level 4. I'm not sure if it's the case on other levels-

[Popping and sizzling can be heard.]

???: Get your ass over here, or I swear to fucking god I'm going to-

Reagen: Calm down, I'm coming.

<End log>

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