Beneath The Veil
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Operation: Shattered Eclipse

<BEGIN LOG: 07:40>

CPT Reed: Quick Match One to Stretch. In position, over.

Overseer-A: Finally. Copy Quick Match One; come in Quick Match Two, status report, over.

2LT Evan: Quick Match Two, we’ve been engaged on the south side near the doorway. Mainly threes, fifteens, thirty-ones, and those damned spiders… I count about twenty-five hostiles remaining, quickly thinning out-



Security Status:


The ruins of the Third Grand Parish.


Following the fall of the Third Grand Archdiocese of the Veiled in Level 8, OPERATION SHATTERED ECLIPSE has been heralded as a complete success. The Church of the Veiled have been all but eradicated from the initial twelve levels of the Backrooms.

Over months of coordination and planning, the M.E.G. and its allies have rallied together, methodically dismantling Veiled strongholds and disrupting their key supply lines throughout liminal space. The operation culminated in a final assault, launched earlier today. Spearheaded jointly by M.E.G. and Eyes of Argos leadership, the Third Grand Parish was sacked, and its inhabitants wiped out completely. The Parish had functioned not only as the seat of power for Veiled jurisdiction within Level 8 (i.e. the Third Grand Archdiocese), but as the ruling authority over most Veiled activity across levels 6 to 9. Its destruction has resulted in freedom from Veiled control, for both Level 8 and its immediate neighbors.

One of the Veiled's three Grand Priests, Lunaire Praetoris V, was also detained during the battle. However, his counterparts Grand Arcan and Grand Nox fled the scene, and their whereabouts remain elusive. Lunaire refused to divulge their location, and was executed shortly following capture.

2LT Evan: -be advised, priests have withdrawn into the building and may be headed your way, over.

Overseer-A: Copy Quick Match Two, over and out.

CPT Reed: Get ready boys.

<END LOG: 07:41>
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