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not sure what this is exactly.

gift exchange for Nikuchan Nikuchan ….. nollaig shona duit a niku, ó do scutoid na háite gan aghaidh.

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Warning: Your free trial conversations with KOKO are running out! After this conversation reaches its end, you will lose access to the chatbot until you begin a KOKO subscription. Thank you for trying KOKO!
Hi! My name is KOKO, and I'm here to help you! I can find you information, write code, or just be a listening ear. Have we met before?
Yes, we have. Many times. I'm doing research.
Ah, research! Research is an area I love to be of assistance with. I have access to the internet, and can find you any documents you need to find. What is it you're looking for today?
What is a human being?
Human beings are primates hailing from earth, or the Frontrooms. They can be identified by their bipedal stature, lack of hair on many parts of their bodies, and their extremely high intelligence compared to similar species. They tend to fashion and wear clothes made of fabric, and communicate amongst themselves via vocalizations or gestures (e.g. via sign language). It is the opinion of Backrooms Robotics that humans are and should remain the dominant species in the Backrooms.
Thank you. I'd like to inquire about a few entities, and ask for them to be identified as human / inhuman, alright? Oh, and could you please refrain from adding Backrooms Robotics' opinion from here on in?
Yes, go ahead and inquire about any entities you like.
When you explained what humans were to me, you said "It is the opinion of Backrooms Robotics that…" and explained their opinion. Could you please stop this?
Please specify an entity for me to categorize as human / inhuman.
Alright. Well, first of all, what about wretches?
Wretches, also known as zombies or insanities to some wanderers, though these terms have lost popularity over the years, are red-raw entities resembling humans. They possess a low level of intelligence when compared to a human. That being said, they are indeed humans who have been transmuted via a process dubbed the "wretched cycle" by wanderers. It is the opinion of Backrooms Robotics that once humans are transmuted such that their original bodies are less than 70% in tact, while some would argue they remain human, their statutory rights are no longer applicable and their employment rights can be negatively impacted. We are committed to equality among all wanderers. Backrooms Robotics is for, and by, humans.
And what about facelings, are they human?
Facelings, known originally as faceless ones, are beings which outwardly resemble humans extremely closely, albeit lacking human facial features. Internally, they vary in similarity to human beings but can be very close in their biological structure to their human counterparts — even sometimes possessing underdeveloped facial features beneath the veil of their head's skin. They were never human beings, and the categorization of 'human' likely should not apply to them.
Do you know about the entity by the name of 'Ghosty'?
This content has been removed due to copyright concerns relating to the Unbound Explorers Coalition. Apologies.
Please try again.
This content has been removed due to copyright concerns relating to the Unbound Explorers Coalition. Apologies.
Okay then. I have one more question to ask. When a human being is killed and revived, what does this mean for their categorization as 'human'?
Human revival is currently impossible in the Backrooms, so this question is purely hypothetical. I encourage you to ponder it for yourself! Backrooms Robotics' human enhancement programs, it would like to note, do not involve 'killing' in a medical or spiritual sense at any point. Human revival is currently impossible in the Backrooms. If it has been revived, it is not human.
I already asked you not to add Backrooms Robotics' opinions on things!
I'm sorry, but we've reached the end of our time for this conversation. Thank you for communicating with me, and I hope I've been of help today!
This conversation has ended, you may not type.

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