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-Stretchster, the creator of The M.E.G. and B.N.T.G.
- MC_Crafter_24_7, the current owner of the M.E.G. and B.N.T.G.

Who are The B.N.T.G.?:

The B.N.T.G. (a.k.a The "Backrooms Nonaligned Trade Group") are a Faction made by a previous team of The M.E.G., until it became dependent on its own. The Faction has since made a huge city in Level 1's halls called "Traders Keep". This city has everything one would need: a police department, fire department, food department, and more. The Faction's most important part of the city is called "Traders Vault", a heavily guarded place where all of the equipment, tools, weapons, and food is stored for further use for the people of the Backrooms. Everything is stored in multiple vaults found in a portion of Level 1, which resembles a long hallway of storage rooms, with garage doors. The leaders of the Faction are a part of "Traders Vault".

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Here is the list of events that have happened in The B.N.T.G. that are not in order:

  • The Traders Start

List of Teams:

B.N.T.G. Leaders:

B.N.T.G. Traders Keep (Level 1):

  • The B.N.T.G. Security and Police Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Fire Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Aid Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Food Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Weapons Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Citizens

B.N.T.G. Outposts:

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