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Who are The B.N.T.G.?:

The B.N.T.G. (A.k.a The "Backrooms National Trade Group") are a Faction made by a previous Team of The M.E.G. , until it became dependent on it's own . The Faction has since made a huge city In Level 1's Halls called "Traders Keep". This City has everything you can think of for a city, Police department, Fire Department, Food Department, and more. The Factions most important part of the City, is called "Traders Vault", a place where all of the equipment, tools, weapons, and food is stored for further use for the people of The Backrooms. they are stored in multiple vaults in a Room found in Level 1, which resembles a Long Hallway of Storage Rooms, with garage doors. The Leaders of the Faction are apart of "Traders Vault", and the vault is heavily guarded.

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Here is the List of events that have happened in The B.N.T.G. that are not in order:

  • The Traders Start

List of Teams:

B.N.T.G. Leaders:

B.N.T.G. Traders Keep (Level 1):

  • The B.N.T.G Security and Police Department
  • The B.N.T.G Fire Department
  • The B.N.T.G Aid Department
  • The B.N.T.G Food Department
  • The B.N.T.G Weapons Department
  • The B.N.T.G Citizens

B.N.T.G. Outposts:

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