Backrooms Bureau of Administration and Research
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"The only way we can find that exit is if we maintain law and order. We will find stability through governance and safety through regulation."
- Alexander Robinson1

Goal and ideology:


The B.B.A.R's official emblem.

The B.B.A.R. (A.k.a "Backrooms Bureau of Administration and Research") is a governmentalist and federal organization formed by various former federals, bureaucrats, politicians, and other volunteering intellectuals. This group believes that the only way to achieve universal unity, peace, and stability is to establish laws and a government to maintain security and vigilance among all the wanderers of the Backrooms. They are a very moral absolutist organization, with goals to impose ethical responsibility and guidance on all. Just like other groups, they are very keen on exploration and research, being one of the leading groups in this. The structure of the B.B.A.R. is remarkably complex, consisting of multiple different branches, leaders, sources of income, and initiatives.

Since their recent growth in members and resources, the B.B.A.R. has started publicly showing itself to wanderers and has already attempted to establish a few laws. These are laws such as the prohibition of Memory Juice and weaponized objects like Rixa Gas. Despite their efforts, most of the attempts have failed and were simply ignored except for the weaponized object prohibition, which, in some way, has gained support from various wanderers.

Aside from administration, the B.B.A.R. seems to have an interest in the study and research of the Backrooms to the point of having their own classification system. They classify their levels as RAZ- (Registered Anomalous Zone) followed by their corresponding number. For objects, they are classified as RAI- (Registered Anomalous Item), also followed by their corresponding number. Then there are the entities that are classified the same way as the other two, and they are named RAE (Registered Anomalous Entity). The B.B.A.R. prides itself on the wonders of the Backrooms, and spends the majority of its budget and funding on this research and exploration.


Their power in terms of resources is still unknown, but due to their growth of members, businesses, and active presence, it has been assumed that they are in a stable position. They seem to have high amounts of paper and documents, which could suggest that the B.B.A.R. has a presence in one or more forest-like levels. Apart from that, many wanderers who have visited the B.B.A.R. have noted that the B.B.A.R. has a suspicious amount of technology and electronics. If this is true, it warrants the possibility of the B.B.A.R. having trade relations with Backrooms Robotics or having secret operations not yet known to the public.



The B.B.A.R.'s headquarters located in Level 11.


A drone shot of the headquarters.

General Headquarters

The General Headquarters is located in Level 11 and is known as a sort of symbol of the B.B.A.R.. The building is characterized as a large, concrete, and brutalist freestanding building with a unique architectural style that has brought fame to the organization. Formerly a bank building, the building was claimed by the B.B.A.R. and renovated accordingly. Now, the building consists mostly of office spaces and meeting rooms, along with a stage for speeches and announcements. This is the main base of the B.B.A.R. and where you will most likely find Director Alexander Robinson and the other top executives.

The B.B.A.R. building is open to visitors, however, some rooms are still off-limits. You can find the building by walking 8 kilometers south-east of Level 9's entrance to Level 11.


The B.B.A.R. Institution of Research and Technology located in Level 11.

B.B.A.R. Institution of Research and Technology

B.B.A.R. Institution of Research and Technology is located in Level 11 and is another brutalist and architecturally unique building. Unlike the headquarters, this building is known to be a lot more mysterious and secluded. A radio-communication blockade signal has been deployed on the premises, therefore making it impossible to intercept and eavesdrop on any operations. Additionally, the B.B.A.R. shares no information regarding the building except for the name. From this name, it is assumed this building consists of laboratories of some kind, used for research, innovation of new technology, and possibly operations of the "investigation type section" of the Field Agent Branch.2

On the outside, the building seems remarkably small, which has prompted many theorists to predict the existence of an underground network. Only a handful of field agent workers enter and exit the building per day, contrasting the hundreds of entrances and exits that take place in the headquarters building. Due to the mystery revolving around the building and its operation, it is being heavily monitored by spies from unspecified organizations. The B.B.A.R. has shown no acknowledgment or concern for these spies.


Director Alexander Robinson

Director Robinson is the current leader and founder of the B.B.A.R.. His beliefs in the union of the Backrooms through the creation of a government pushed him to create the B.B.A.R.. Through a lot of effort, he managed to unite wanderers who were once federals, bureaucrats, and politicians in The Frontrooms. Being a former diplomat himself, Director Robinson is highly skilled in persuasion, building relations, and crisis management. Apart from that, not much is known about him, as he is often not seen. According to members of the B.B.A.R., he is an inspirational and motivational man who can boost the morale of any worker and is willing to do everything possible to make his group achieve success. However, a more legitimate and official statement has yet to be made.

Branch Leaders

These are the leaders of the different branches of the B.B.A.R..

  • Magnus Anderson - Office Branch Executive
  • Richard Lossom - Ethical Committee Executive
  • Thelonious Stratton - Field Agent Branch Executive
  • Johnathan Wright - DPC Executive

For more information, see the branches section below.


The B.B.A.R.'s structure seems to be a strange mix of a government's and The Frontrooms's famous FBI's structures, although not all positions are known to the public. From what is known, the B.B.A.R is divided into three distinct branches.

Office Branch

The first and main one is the Office Branch, this branch is responsible for all the documentation, law writing, external affairs (possible), and general administration in the B.B.A.R.. Members of the Office Branch are always assigned to work at the headquarters and never receive any tasks or missions that have to do with combat, exploration, etc.

  • Superintendent Magnus Anderson is one of the most intimidating members of the B.B.A.R., and is therefore the leader and supervisor of the Office Branch. He was the Head of Operations of an insurance agency and a political party leader in his time in The Frontrooms and is therefore exceptionally skilled in management. Members describe him as a fierce, strict, and ambitious leader who always pushes members to exceed expectations.

Sub-branch: Ethical Committee

The Ethical Committee is a board of 16 members that stamps and approves the laws suggested by the Office Branch. Since all of the Ethical Committee board members do many of the same tasks as other Office Branch members, along with their responsibilities in the Ethical Committee, it is considered a sub-branch. The Ethical Committee is also tasked with evaluating violations of these laws and determining punishments, which is the main task of the committee due to the high number of violations. Being a member of the Ethical Committee is a senior position for a regular Office Branch member, and promotions to this committee are possible.

  • Executive Richard Lossom is the executive of the Ethical Committee, and is often described as a friendly but strong leader. He presents himself as a forgiving, amiable, and warm individual, but he is extremely strict on rule violations. Having been a judge in The Frontrooms, Richard Lossom does not tolerate any misconduct and is very fierce in his punishments. This leads to many saying "he shows a different side of him" during rule violation discussions. Nonetheless, Executive Lossom is one of the most admired and respectable executives at the B.B.A.R..

Field Agent Branch

Their second branch is the Field Agent Branch. Members who join this branch receive the rank of field agent and are then assigned to a section, which is a team of between 6 and 10 members, depending on the type of section. There are 3 types of sections. The research type section (identified as RS- followed by a number) is tasked with studying objects, levels, and, in some cases, entities that are discovered by other sections. Then there's the exploration type section (identified as ES- followed by a number), which, as the name says, explores different levels across the Backrooms and documents everything they find. Finally, there's the investigation type section (Identified as IS- followed by a number) which performs secret missions to investigate any threat to the wanderer population or the B.B.A.R., suspicious activities from other groups, and others.

  • Executive Thelonious Stratton, being an analytically and strategically gifted individual, is the executive and organizer for the Field Agent Branch. In his time in The Frontrooms, Executive Stratton was an International Master (IM) in Chess and a university psychology professor, explaining his incredibly observant and intelligent character. Members have described him as a genius, brilliant strategist, and stern leader, intellectually unrivaled within the organization. His job is to manage, oversee, plan, and ensure the success of all Field Agent Branches, and his success in this has been a major contribution to the B.B.A.R.'s rapid growth and dominance.
  • ES-11. Exploration Section-11 is the leading field agent section. It was formed by six curious field agents who built a strong bond and friendship between themselves. This section quickly outclassed other sections, having been responsible for the discoveries and registrations of many levels, objects, and entities. This, along with the stories of their awe-inducing discoveries, has made them famous among the Field Agent Branch. However, their sense of independence and the risky explorations have raised suspicions among some higher-level staff.

The DPC's official and representative logo.

Dark Phoenix Company

The third branch is the Combat Branch. This branch is currently entirely a PMC (Private Military Company) named "DPC" (A.k.a "Dark Phoenix Company"), created by the B.B.A.R. in response to a crisis of resources they had, which almost resulted in the disbandment of the group. They accept contracts given by other groups or certain people and perform them in exchange for resources, the amount depending on the difficulty and/or importance of the contract. Aside from being used for commercial gain, the DPC is also for the defence of the organization, but no serious threats have emerged yet.


A white variation of the logo displayed on the soldiers' uniforms and painted on some of their equipment.

The DPC's soldiers wear black and dark gray-colored improvised military uniforms as well as their equipment. They are known to train in open spaces such as Level 10, and it has allegedly been leaked that they are developing some sort of military technology, but this is unconfirmed. In terms of skill and professionalism, they are in constant training, thus making it safe to say they are not easily fought off in a battle.

  • General Johnathan Wright is the leader of the DPC and is responsible for managing the company and the contracts it receives. He is serious and goes to the point with his easy control of every situation and effectiveness, making his leadership worthy to follow. Being a military general in his time in The Frontrooms, he is highly skilled in military commandment and evoking loyalty and devotion in members. To his success, the soldiers have collectively expressed their respect for him and their approval of him as their general.
  • Helen "Guardian" Longwood is the best-performing soldier on the team, being effective in combat against entities and hostile enemies. She saved her team numerous times from catastrophes, earning her the nickname Guardian. She isn't very talkative and only responds to General Wright when he directs her. She isn't very social, but she still has earned a lot of respect from her teammates.
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